Calf Raise: The easiest exercise to tone your legs while improving your balance and stability

Tamara Villa

twins They’re often ignored when going through a full workout, but they’re a fundamental part of many activities, from walking and running to jumping and stretching. Add calf raises to your
lower body workout will make all these daily actions easier and will also contribute to
have more beautiful legs.

It’s a
very simple exercise. The first step is to stand upright on an exercise or yoga mat with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward. If you don’t have a mat, you can do
calf raise above the ground No problem.

How to do a calf raise right

Once stood,
keep your back straight, shoulders back and down, and abs tight. Next, he slowly raises his heels, keeping his knees extended (but not locked). Pause for a second when you stand as far as you can on the balls of your feet, then lower your heels to the floor, returning to the starting position.

Because they don’t require weights or other equipment, standing calf raises are a
easy exercise to perform at home, at the gym or when traveling. Is
suitable for any age and especially advisable from the age of 50 to work effectively on balance and stability.

Calf raise benefits

Calf Raises
activate the two muscles that run across the back of the lower leg: gastrocnemius and soleus. These muscles are decisively involved in the flexion and extension of the ankle, which drives them to run and jump, reinforcing the entire area.

Woman climbing stairs/PEXELS

The gastrocnemius also works in conjunction with the hamstrings to
control knee flexion, while the soleus maintains proper balance and pumps blood from the leg to the heart. When weak, the calf muscles tighten and tear more easily.

Calf raises are a
easy and low impact method to strengthen the gastrocnemius and soleus. Strong and flexible calf muscles result in a
better stability and balancea reduced risk of foot and ankle injuries, and improved agility when running and jumping.

Once strengthened, the fast twitch muscle fibers of the gastrocnemius allow a
faster and more explosive movement, which makes it a great exercise for both beginners and athletes. Doing calf raises can also improve an older person’s ability to
perform multiple activities of daily living.

Strong calf muscles
contribute to overall stabilityreduce stress on the Achilles tendon and give the lower leg a defined appearance, so it also adds a
aesthetic component that always comes in handy at any age. The simplicity of the exercise makes it a first class job.

Running woman/PEXELS

Common mistakes

stretching is perhaps the
most important component of calf exercises, as it prevents exercise-related cramps and reduced flexibility. Happens
five to 10 minutes stretching the calves before training to avoid these problems.

Control the pace of the exercise to see all the benefits of the calf raise. Performing the movement too fast is not as effective, at least at first. The best is
raise and lower heels slowly to see greater strength and cosmetic improvement. Once you’ve mastered the calf raise, you can perform it with more power and strength to get the maximum benefits from this exercise.