What is Nordic walking and why walking with poles helps you burn more calories, increase your strength and improve your heart


Tamara Villa

It is not surprising that more and more people are seen on the street
walking with sticks and with a face of the healthiest. They are doing
nordic walking (or Nordic walking), a sport that is causing a sensation for many reasons. It’s fun, for all ages, and has many proven health benefits.

Nordic walking is a bit
like cross-country skiing, but without snow. You walk with the help and impulse of poles similar to those used in skiing. It first developed in Scandinavia, but did not spread to the rest of Europe until the last two decades. And it is now when he is at a moment of popularity that seems unstoppable. And here you can read why.

burn more calories

As far back as 1995, researchers scientifically proved that Nordic walking
burns more calories than normal walking. In fact, they found that it burned up to 18% more calories than walking for a lifetime. Numerous studies have since confirmed these findings, suggesting that Nordic Walking could be an excellent form of exercise for those looking to lose weight.

Other studies have found that overweight people lose pounds faster doing Nordic walking compared to normal walking. While Nordic walking doesn’t burn more calories than more intense forms of physical work, such as running, it can be a great option for those looking for a
low impact exercise or have certain limitations for sports practice.

Couple doing nordic walk/PEXELS

Increases core strength

Nordic walking also involves the
core muscles (including those of the abdomen and back) more than normal walking. More involvement of your core muscles helps strengthen them, which in turn can improve posture. Better core strength can also
improve balance and range of motion.

Lowers the risk of falls

Unfortunately, as we get older we are more likely to stumble and fall when we walk. This is mainly due to decreased muscle strength, balance difficulties, and problems with the way we walk. The benefit of Nordic walking is that
you place the poles on the ground at the same time you use your legs. This improves your balance and makes you less likely to fall.

good cardiovascular health

Research shows that Nordic walking can improve cardiovascular fitness in as little as four weeks. In addition, Nordic walking in postmenopausal women has been shown to
improves sugar levels in the resting blood, which is important for preventing diabetes and improving blood cholesterol levels.

Reduces pain in extremities

Using canes while walking helps
distribute weight through arms and torso, putting less stress on your back, knees and hips. This helps reduce possible back pain when walking. If you suffer from back, hip or knee pain, Nordic walking could help you, as it redistributes your weight a bit. But the first thing is to consult your doctor.

Woman doing nordic walk/PEXELS

Improves upper body strength

Nordic walking involves more of your arms and shoulders than normal walking, and this could improve your strength. Research has shown that Nordic walking can not only increase hand grip strength, but also
increases muscle activity in the shoulders.

Upper body strength, including grip strength, is
important to many of the things we do every day, from taking our purchases to putting you a coffee. Increased muscle strength is also important for injury prevention, as it helps stabilize and protect joints.

you walk faster

Nordic walking can help you walk faster than normal walking. In fact, it can increase the average walking speed
up to 25% compared to normal walking. As a consequence, you can burn more calories. You see: Nordic walking can be especially good for people who don’t like other types of exercise, like running, but want to do something more intense than brisk walking.