Chair calf raise, the easy exercise that stylizes the legs and reduces the calves from 50


Tamara Villa

calves they are one of the most challenging and often neglected muscles in the human body. This is probably due to the unfair popular opinion that the calf muscles are not as important as other muscle groups. But don’t hesitate:
They are important both physically and aesthetically.. And the chair calf raise is one of the few exercises that actually helps “build” calves.

It’s about a
isolation exercise which is specifically designed to work the calves. It is a work for beginners that you can develop at home while watching television or at work. Many times you will not even realize that you are doing the exercise because it is so simple (and effective).

Benefits of the chair calf raise

It is an exercise in
heel lift performed while sitting comfortably in a chair. It is lower intensity than his standing variation and requires less balance, stability, and engagement of the upper body muscles. Unlike many other exercises that require a certain level of strength and endurance, the seated calf raise can be performed by anyone looking to build calf muscles to improve power and physical appearance.

easy to learn and even easier to perfect, since you strictly follow some repeating rules. And it’s an especially interesting option for people with leg, hip or upper body injuries. In fact, they are encouraged as rehabilitation exercises.

Woman training/PEXELS

The twins are definitely
one of the hardest muscles to develop and more when you reach an age like 50 years. What makes calves notoriously difficult to develop is that they are already quite developed since we spend so much of our lives on our feet. The issue is when you spend too much time sitting down.

The calves of an adult are already 80% fully developed, so it is not surprising that
no amount of leg exercises or running will yield great results in a short time. In order for your calves to grow to their full potential, you will need to constantly train them and provide a muscle pump for maximum fullness.

How to exercise well

The calf raise in is performed using
resistance such as weight plates or dumbbells. This variation is just as effective as the variation using a machine. The dumbbell acts as resistance on the muscles, forcing them to reach and stretch to accommodate the movements of the legs. It is a great exercise to tone and strengthen the calves.

Grab two dumbbells of the same weight and place a step or block in front of your chair or bench. Sit on the edge keeping your back and chest up. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Rest the ends of each dumbbell on your thighs, near your feet.
don’t go too high because you should feel the dumbbells as you raise your heels.

Woman stretching/PEXELS

Place the balls of your feet on the step and lower the backs of your feet, allowing
the heels fall as far as possible without touching the ground. This is your starting position. Squeeze your calves at the peak of the movement, pausing for a second before slowly lowering your heels back to the starting position. This is a repeat. complete
as many repetitions as you want.

The Calf Raise
can be done at home if you have dumbbells, although the calf raise machines found in most gyms provide a greater opportunity to overload the calves and stimulate growth. While the standing calf raise machine is commonly used, the seated variation can make it easier to isolate the calf muscles.

The chair calf raise may seem harmless, but without proper technique it may
you can suffer a distension. Perfecting the seated calf raise requires attention to proper lifting technique. Use light weights, keep your heel off the ground, don’t slouch, squeeze your calves, and keep reps slow and controlled. You will have legs of ten.