National Celiac Day: The perfect gluten-free cookbooks for a varied and delicious daily menu


Aloña Fdez. Larrechi

May 27 is celebrated throughout Spain on
National Celiac Day, an autoimmune disease that suffers between 1 and 2% of the population of our country. And although there are more and more brands and restaurants that are concerned about offering gluten-free food, thousands of families are aware of the difficulties when preparing lunch and dinner with products of this type. But there are recipe books that will make our lives easier, helping us to prepare a varied and delicious daily menu.

Gluten is a protein found in the seeds of cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives, as well as some varieties of oats. For this reason, celiacs must eat a diet made up of natural or generic products, in which
common wheat flour and breadcrumbs, betting on fresh or canned vegetables, eggs, meat and nuts in shell.

To plan a
gluten free menu The manuals of various experts in nutrition or cooking who bet on the recommended foods and are capable of incorporating them into simple but also delicious recipes are of great help. These are some of the ones that we can currently find in our usual bookstore.

Gluten-free pastry. Mateo Sierra Ballarin. Publisher Oberon.

We start with dessert, because many of the sweets and cakes that we usually eat contain flour and it is a real challenge to treat yourself as a celiac. The Oberon publishing house has just published this recipe book created by the MasterChef finalist Mateo Sierra Ballarín, in which we can find some of the
more traditional recipes of Spanish confectionery, as well as other international creations.

Cover of the recipe book by Mateo Sierra Ballarón, Gluten-free Pastry. /Oberon

From the most classic elaborations, such as the roscón de Reyes to some cookies, going through rice pudding, tiramisu or some anise madeleines, with this recipe book we can learn the
basic techniques that will help us make delicious desserts. Pastry cream, praline, shortcrust pastry or ice cream will no longer be something exclusive to gluten-free diets thanks to this manual with more than 80 recipes.

Today I will eat my life! Tanya Borg. Editorial Grijalbo.

Flourless Donettes, Creamy Chicken Curry or
Focaccia baked are some of the recipes in the manual created by Tania Borg. With more than half a million followers on Instagram and a community of ninety thousand followers on YouTube, this gastronomic influencer has just published this manual with 101 recipes that do not compromise on flavor or originality.

Cover of Tania Borg’s gluten-free recipe book. / Grijalbo

The author, who is celiac, has divided the book into five chapters in which we can learn to make our own gluten-free bread, enjoy delicious cannelloni, cook profiteroles or bet on shredded chicken. From treating ourselves to adding salt to life, with this recipe book Tania Borg wants to help those who suffer
celiac to “lead a healthy and balanced life through cooking”.

Paufeel’s recipes. Paula Monreal. Editorial Zenith.

Another of the influencers who has created a community in the networks proposing a healthy and balanced diet is Paula Monreal, better known as Paulafeel. With the collaboration of the Zenith publishing house, Monreal has launched a manual with 80 simple, gluten-free and
sugarfree. Dishes with which it is possible to have a healthy and varied diet without despair.

Cover of Paufeel’s recipes. /Paula Monreal

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners,
sauces, garnishes and accompaniments will no longer be a headache thanks to this complete recipe book with which we will learn to prepare zucchini and salmon spaghetti with a seed crust, broccoli and cheese burgers or delicious crushed baby potatoes perfect to accompany any dish.

Gluten-free cooking. Cristian Broglia. Editorial Libros Cúpula.

Last year Libros Cúpula published what for many is the most complete recipe book for all those who have some type of allergy or
intolerance and they want to eat well and feel better. More than 350 recipes that are naturally gluten-free and among which we can find everyday dishes from more than 80 countries.

Cover of the Gluten-Free Cooking Manual, by Christian Broglia. /Dome Books

Vegan, vegetarian, nut-free and dairy-free are some of the sections of this manual, which also dedicates a chapter to meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes. Moroccan shashuka, Turkish cornbread,
ratatouille French, Vietnamese summer rolls or Peruvian callao-style mussels are some of the proposals that, in addition to internationalizing our cuisine, will help us enjoy healthy food.

Delicious gluten-free cuisine. NOGLU. Editorial Lunwerg.

Also in 2022, Delicious Gluten-Free Cooking arrived in bookstores, written by one of the pioneers of this type of preparation in Paris, Fréderique Jules. She is the owner of NOGLU, one of the few restaurants in the French capital that exclusively prepares gluten-free dishes. And in this manual published by Lunwerg she compiles more than fifty recipes in which we will learn to make appetizers,
startersdesserts and bread, as well as about twenty dishes.

Cover of the recipe book Delicious gluten-free cuisine. /Lunwerg

Beef stew with black rice, gnocchi with sage, mushroom risotto, Californian pizza or the
lasagna Bolognese Noglu are some of the proposals by the French chef who dedicates the first chapter of the recipe book to sharing the recipes for the bases they use in the restaurant, such as sweet or salty tart dough. A complete recipe book full of international proposals with a French touch that will serve to make our daily menus something diverse and tasty with which to enjoy cooking.