Cheap iPhone, is Pegatron preparing for it?


Pegatron has confirmed that it will increase its workforce by 40% in the second half of this yeariPhone low cost will be focused on emerging markets and users with lower purchasing powerThe manufacturer’s spokespersons have not wanted to make statements in this regard

so it seems the acquaintance iphone lowcost It’s closer than we imagined. Rumors about a cheap iphone they have set off all the alarms after pegatronone of the leading providers of Manzana, will confirm that it is willing to increase its workforce by 40% in the second half of this year. We already know that announcements where staff expansion is required usually lead to new projects for most technology brands, that’s how we found out, for example, that Windows Blue was on the way.

Another indicator that makes us suspect that the new low cost iPhone is just around the corner, is that Charles Lin, CEO of Pegatron, has not hesitated to report that its main income (approximately 60%) will occur in the second half of 2013.

But Manzana is not the only one pegatron; Among his most illustrious clients are also Microsoftfor which it manufactures its Tablet Surfaces. This may be one of the reasons why no manager of the manufacturer has spoken about these rumors and they have refused to comment on the possibility that in the near future, the low cost iPhone production be underway.

But leaving rumors and speculation behind, it is the Reuters agency itself that confirms that some sources consulted corroborate that the production of the cheap iPhone model It will begin this month, increasing its production throughout the month of June.

the long awaited new iphone modelis expected to target buyers with a lower purchasing power, especially in developing countries like China, where those from Cupertino are seeing their sales and income grow more and more.

But Manzana it will not be the only one to adjust its prices and launch new low cost models. Its fiercest competitor in the mobile phone market, samsung, has also announced that it is preparing its own model of smartphone at a more than reasonable price and hopes, of course, to also focus on emerging markets. It seems that the particular war between these two technology giants has no truce… Will we have a cheap iPhone in our hands in a few months?