Gorilla row, the exercise that helps you lose weight and define your waist


Sara Flamenco

there are people who do
sport to be healthy, there are those who do it to be better mentally and others to have
a prettier body For the latter, having a
flat stomach and a more defined waist is one of the key objectives, so they tirelessly seek some
exercises specific to strengthen the core.

One of the most popular is the
gorilla rowan exercise that works the muscles of the
Middle area of the body, the
back and the
arms. And all this at the same time and with one movement
simple and easy to perform, thus achieving the feeling that your waist is more of a star. Being frank, you
waist It will not narrow, but it will give us that sensation due to the development of the
back and other muscles.

Benefits of gorilla row

gorilla row strengthens the core and also exercises the arms and back, but these are not its only
benefitssince it will visually reduce the perimeter of our waist by developing the
back muscles.

In this way, the
gorilla row will help you get some
ABS defined while you work the
shoulders at the same time. In addition, it will increase the
thoracic and abdominal stability being an exercise with a high
caloric expenditure.

Woman with flat stomach/PEXELS

But although it is not an exercise designed to strengthen the
lower train, the
hip and the
legs they will also absorb part of its benefits due to the tension, control and resistance that they will be forced to adopt.

Finally, this exercise not only strengthens the
musculature that we have told you, but that it is a movement
multi-articular or compound with which we will demand a great expense of
calories and we will contribute to raising the
metabolic expense which is ultimately key to achieving
ABS marked and a thin waist.

How to perform the gorilla row

To carry out this movement it is necessary to have
Russian weights or kettlebellalthough we could also do it with a couple of
dumbbells. It is a variant of
rowing which is performed in a different position, hence its name.

Women with a flat stomach/PEXELS

To do it correctly you must place yourself
standing, with the legs separated a little more than the width of the hips and
flex knees slightly. Then push the
hip back with your back straight and lean your trunk forward to pick up
the weight ground.

Pick up the ground
kettlebell with your hands, push your chest out and maintain an upright back position and
abdomen contracted. Pull the kettlebell back, flexing the elbow and passing the elbow along the side of the body to
perform a row.