Hip thrust, Pilar Rubio’s star exercise to have steel buttocks


Sara Flamenco

cellulitis It is one of the great aesthetic concerns of women and it is that our body conspires against us to accumulate fat in certain areas such as the
hips, buttocks and chest. The main causes of the appearance of cellulite are
genetics and hormonesalthough to this we would have to add an excessive diet in
caloriesproblems of
sedentary lifestyle or the consumption of

How to finish her? In addition to using specific products, it is very important to carry out
physical exercise to improve blood circulation and burn calories, aspects that help reduce the
orange peel. And why are we telling you all this if you wanted to know the exercise he practices
pilar rubio to strengthen the
buttocks? Because it is also one of the great allies against cellulite in this area. A two for one.

It’s about the
hip thrust, an exercise that works all the muscles of the buttocks, both the largest, the middle, and the smallest. «Hip thrusts are one of the best exercises to work the
lower body of our body and, specifically, the most effective for shaping the
buttocks. Although the posterior area of ​​the thigh is also strengthened, this exercise is aimed at having a “butt” of 10, since it activates the glutes more than any other movement. By helping our hips, we can do it with
higher weights that speed up results,” says
Sara Alvarezco-founder of RETO48.

If you watch the video of
pilar rubio I’m sure you’ll back down. I am not able to lift
160 kilos!, you will think. Don’t worry, I don’t either, but you don’t have to raise that nonsense to be effective, putting yourself ahead of the classic ones.
squats or lunges. The hip thrust generates a greater activation of the muscles of the
buttocks also contributing to a decrease in injuries in the area. In addition, we help strengthen the
hip extension and with this we managed to reduce the ailments in the knees and lower back.

How do you hip thrust correctly?

To carry out this exercise we simply need a
bar and
weight that we will apply to the bar. Once we have this, this is how the exercise is executed:

– Supports the upper part of the
back on a bench in such a way that the body is perpendicular to the angle of the bench.

– keep your back
straight and make sure it doesn’t bow at any time.

– When going up, you must achieve a
hyperextension at the hip forming a 90 degree angle.

– To start the exercise, raise the
hippress the
belly and keep the
back flat by pushing as hard as possible while squeezing the
buttocks by raising them.

– When lowering the hip, touch the buttocks with the
floorand quickly rises again.

– To accelerate results and mark the gluteus muscles even more, you can add
weightbut you don’t have to start with the weight of
pilar rubiochoose a weight that you can move with
ease to learn how to do the technique correctly, and once you master it, try
increase it.

How many times should you practice it to notice results?

Experts recommend doing
3 series of between 8 and 15 repetitionsalways keeping in mind that it is better to execute the exercise perfectly than the number of times you do it (to avoid
injuries). If you are going to work with a load to mark the buttocks well, do between
4 and 6 series of between 8 and 12 repetitionsdepending on the weight you use.

This is what they have
criticized some of the followers of Pilar Rubio, who gives more importance to the weight than to the execution of the exercise, running a serious risk of
injury. “Just by showing off on social networks one day you’re going to break your back and there will be no solution”, “Terrible technique, prioritize that over weight”, “Remove weight and do better technique, you’ll save injuries”, they have said some.

haters there are everywhere and the truth is that I don’t think television is
ill advised in these matters…
What is your opinion?