How to see your Social Security number: 5 easy ways to get it


Update: In addition to telling you where you can find your Social Security number (extending the information available on the Internet a bit), we also explain what this number is and how you can get it if you don’t have it yet.

Everyone who has worked legally, whether as an employee or self-employed, has a unique Social Security number. There are also other ways to get it and it is vital to collect unemployment, a pension, receive public medical attention, or any other Social Security benefit.

The problem is that this number does not appear on the most common documents that we always carry with us, such as the ID or driver’s license. That’s why many wonder how they can see their social security number. Fortunately, it is in other documents, so it’s easy to get.

Our colleague Carlos Ferrer-Bonsoms from Business Insider has been investigating the different ways to discover our Security number. It’s really simple.

In case you’re asking the big question, “how can I see my social security number”, here are 5 ways to do it.

Ways to view the Social Security number:

What is the Social Security number?

He Social Security number (NUSS) is the one identifies the citizen before this entity. It is a mandatory number for everyone who works, has a pension or some type of subsidy.

It is also mandatory for any type of affiliation or registration with Social Security. In addition, it is essential to access the public health system unless we are beneficiaries of another owner, such as a child of one of their parents.

You should also know that students, under 28 years of age, who are enrolled in official studies from 3rd year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) to the end of the 3rd university cycleThey will also have their own Social Security number as part of the obligation to establish the School Insurance.

The NUSS coincides with the Affiliation Number (NAF). Moreover, the Social Security number is transformed into the Affiliation number at the moment in which the person begins, for the first time, a work activity, either as an employee, self-employed or another of the existing regimes.

On your payslip

If you’re currently working, there’s a very quick way to instantly locate your Social Security number: you have it in your monthly payroll receipt.

Either you receive it by letter, or you can check it directly on your bank’s website. In the event that you receive your payroll online, it may even Searching for the words “Social Security” in your email appear to you

On your health card

Social Security covers both labor and health benefits. Therefore, You will also find your Social Security number on your health card of the health service of your autonomous community.

It is usually in the front part and is always preceded by two digits that indicate the number of the province and ends with another two that are the control numbers.

Keep in mind that some modern health cards no longer include it.

on a prescription

All public health prescriptions that users take to pharmacies to buy medicines they have your social security number.

If you have any at home because you didn’t need the medicine, you can look at it. Or else the next time you go to the doctor, and he prescribes something, you can consult it here.

Call Social Security

If for some reason you do not have the above documents at hand, you can resort to to the old method of making phone callssince it is faster than using the Internet.

Call to 901 50 20 50, during customer service hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.). As soon as you ask him how to see or know this data, They will tell you your Social Security number if you indicate your ID, name and surname.

Online consultation

He last method It is the most laborious, because you need to prove your identity online, being able to do it from Windows or from an Android or iOS smartphone.

To check your Social Security number online you need a digital certificate (You can use the electronic DNI, if you have it up to date), or a Cl@ve PIN, or an SMSif Social Security has your verified mobile number.

You can also access from Import@ss or from the Social Security website itself.

With all these online methods you can find out what your Social Security number is. You have where to choose.

How to request the Social Security number if we do not have it?

If you go to Work for others and you do not have the Social Security number, the application process for this must be carried out by the company that has hired you.

For him rest of the cases, can be requested through Import@ss, using the same identification methods that we have mentioned to consult the number online, that is, digital certificate, Cl@ve PIN or SMS.

If you do not have the possibility of having any of these identification methods, you can enter Import@ss to request it online. You will need the following:

  • You identification document (DNI, NIE or passport).
  • A Email address.
  • A device with camera to take a picture.
  • He model TA.1 Affiliation Application/Social Security Number that you can download online, along with the instructions to fill it out.

With any of these five methods to get your Social Security number, you will obtain this important information in a few minutes.

And then you can carry out the procedures you need, because not only do you know where the Social Security number is, but you already know what it is, who should have it and how to request it if you don’t have it yet.