If you are going to visit a Disney park, never spend your money on these things, according to an employee


Now that the pandemic is subsiding, many people are itching to get out of the house. The amusement parks They are a good option to disconnect with children, but they are quite expensive. Not so much the entrance, as what you can buy inside. Not only souvenirs, but also things like food, water or accommodation.

Kayleigh Price is a former employee of a Disney theme park in the United States, who tells Business Insider some tricks to save money in an amusement park.

Some are common sense, but others are very curious, things that only an employee can know, which will be very useful to you.

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Do not buy photos, ask them to use your mobile

The PhotoPass employees will offer you photos of your best moments in the attractions, and although they are professional quality, they are (of course) quite expensive.

What you may not know is that if you ask a PhotoCall employee to take a family photo with your mobilehas an obligation to do it (at least in the United States)… And it will be free.

Do not buy or carry bottled water

At a Disney theme park, a bottle of bottled water can cost you 3 or 4 euros. Multiply by the number of people you visit and the days you visit, and you’ll spend a lot of money on water.

There’s no need. Disney park restaurants are required to serve a free glass of water, if someone asks for it. And there is no limit.

You can too Bring an empty bottle and fill it up at one of the many fountains.

Join Disney and save two months with the annual subscription

Join Disney and save two months with the annual subscription

Disney+ continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.


pin swapping

A tradition of the Disney parks is that pin collectors exchange them with other visitors, or with the employees themselves. In fact, employees usually have a bag for this task, if they are not wearing them.

If you’re going to trade pins, don’t buy them at the park. Buy them before you go online, and then trade your least favorite ones with the clerks.

old popcorn buckets

disney park tricks

Disney Parks

Each season the Disney parks release different popcorn buckets. You can collect them all if you want, but you don’t have to buy one every time you go.

Is allowed carry an empty popcorn bucket from previous years, and in the store they will fill it with popcorn.

Clothes are expensive

Photos with the whole family wearing the same shirt, or a Woody hat from Toy Story look great, but if you are few, you will spend more than 100 euros.

It is better to buy matching clothes online and wear them when you enter the park.

basic necessities

Make a list of essential things that you will use in the park: sunscreen, pain relievers, swimsuits, sunglasses, etc. If you forget something and you have to buy it inside, it will cost you much more.

just a souvenir

Grogu or Baby Yoda plush in The Mandalorian


Most visitors end the day buying all kinds of merchandising, stuffed animals, and other toys.

It makes sense to buy one as a souvenir of the visit, but if you buy several, most end up regretting it after a few weeks, because then you don’t know where to put them.

Do not book a room at a resort

Disney themed hotels are spectacular… and also very expensive. The night costs from 120 to thousands of euros.

It is a paradox: Why pay a fortune for a hotel where you only go to sleep, since you are going to spend the day in the park.

If you stay outside or in a conventional hotel, you will save a lot of money for other things.

refillable cups

If you do ultimately opt for the resort, Kayleigh Price recommends buy refillable cups. They cost about 16 euros, but you can fill them with any drink as many times as you want.

Parking costs too

The ticket does not give you the right to park for freeand a square are about 20 euros a day.

There are a few ways to get it free:

  • Park outside and use the free buses, although you may have to transfer
  • Booking breakfast or lunch at a restaurant in the park guarantees you free parking, but only for 3 hours.
  • If you book at a resort, you have free parking for the duration of your stay.

As you see, there are many tips to save money at a Disney theme park. This way you will enjoy even more the many fun and interesting things they offer.