Netflix around the world: the difference between the most expensive and cheapest subscription is abysmal


If you have already unsubscribed from Netflix Or are you still angry about what you pay per month in Spain By any plan, you’re not the only one. However, prices vary a lot from country to countryso while some places, like Switzerland, pay significantly more for their subscription, others pay much less like Argentina.

In February 2023, Netflix cut its prices in more than 100 countries, especially for basic plans in African and Asian countries. This coincided with its announcement that it was starting to crack down on password sharing outside the home, with countries like Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal being the first to see these changes.

Knowing this, how have these cuts affected prices and restrictions to the profitability of Netflix? And where in the world is a subscription to Netflix more expensive and cheaper?

Depending on where you live, you may get a better price per subscription. This can be reviewed at VPNwiki, which has produced a complete analysis of the prices around the world of the different Netflix subscription plans.


These are the countries in the world that pay the most and the least for a Netflix subscription

The data reveals that Pakistan is the least expensive place in the world to get Netflix in 2023, with a monthly subscription to the Standard plan that amounts to $3.67 (3.48 euros) and Argentine subscribers pay $4.64 (4.40 euros) per month.

The most expensive Netflix is ​​in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with $18.96 (almost 18 euros), United States 15.49 dollars (14.70 euros), Israel 15.39 dollars (14.60 euros) and Denmark 14.85 dollars (one 14 euros). We leave you an indicative table with conversion to euros.

Country Basic Plan with Ads Basic plan Standard Plan premium plan
Swiss €11.97 €17.99 €25.06
Turkey 3.14 euros 4.81 euros 6.43 euros
Argentina 3.32 euro 6.18 euro 9.02 euros
USA 6.63 euros €9.48 €14.70 €18.96
Spain €5.49 €7.99 €12.99 €17.99
global mean 6.10 euros €9.57 €12.36

“The price difference between Basic and Standard fares is, on average, 37%, but the differences between countries are significant. This is partly due to the chosen pricing strategy and rounding in local currency. As a result, the difference between Standard and Premium is, on average, 26%”they explain from VPNwiki.

Due to its incredibly cheap prices on all three plans (no ads), Pakistan, India, Egypt and Turkey are the most profitable countries to watch Netflix. But with its large libraries of movies and series (500+ more than average), Pakistan and India perhaps offer the best value for money, as they seem to get more for less.

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However, if you love movies, there is a country that stands out for its value for money. Thanks to its recent price reductions and a total library size of 8,272 titles (including 5,969 movies and 2,303 series), Bulgaria is one of the best places to get a Netflix subscription.

On the opposite side are several African countries, Fiji and Guernsey, where neither of their plans is profitable, despite recent price reductions in most of these countries. After these, Liechtenstein, Israel and Switzerland are the least profitable countries.

It is important to highlight the figure of The United States, which is also listed as one of the least profitable countries in all of its plans. This is due to the average size of their library and above average monthly costs. It is positioned as the 20th least profitable country in its basic, standard and premium plans.

Of course, the concept of prices with respect to the purchasing power of the population cannot be left behind either, something that Netflix seems to emphasize. In short, in Switzerland or Spain people are willing to pay more than 11 or 12 euros for the Standard plan, but in India, the same price would be too high for the majority of the population.