The heart bag that is sweeping street style already has two very beautiful and affordable versions at H&M


Carla Dominguez

When you are looking for a bag, you probably think of several things. The first thing, that it is of good quality and that at least it lasts a long time. Second, why do you need it? A bag is not the same
shopper, bandolier than another of less. And the third, that it be a trend. The latter is done very often by fashion addicts.

Among all the trending bags you will find several types this year. On the one hand, the XXL bags. They are those maxi bags that Saint Laurent or Bottega Veneta have launched for this season and that some celebrities like Angelina Jolie have already added to their wardrobe.

After these maxi bags, natural fiber bags follow. They are a classic and despite the seasons they continue to be among the highlights of the season of good weather. And finally, those trendy bags that have a special touch. Heart-shaped bags enter this group.

Heart bags are one of the proposals of some brands such as Alaïa or Coperni. He
Alaia bag is the model
le coeur, a heart-shaped shoulder bag, well finished and in red. It is a bag that we have seen on many occasions in the
street style.

Alaïa heart-shaped bag. Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Its aesthetics and rigidity are reminiscent of the bags used by grandmothers many years ago. From
Paris to Copenhagen, The best cities in the world of fashion have brought together this bag that seems to become one of the most recognized of the brand.

Another of the proposals that we told you about in the shape of a heart is from the brand
Coperni. It is a larger bag with a side handle, in leather and with the brand’s logo on one side. It is a very desired bag by
millennials and that is around 600 euros. It is available in a wide variety of colors.

If you dare to wear the trend this season, in
H&M they have released their own heart-shaped models. Two flirty bags that are perfect to carry as a shoulder bag during all the good weather.

H&M heart-shaped bag in black. Photo: H&M.

On the one hand, we find this textured leather effect bag in black. It is a basic bowling pin but with the special detail of the heart shape. It has buckles and zipper in gold color. It has a crocodile print and costs 29.99 euros.

Green heart-shaped bag from H&M. Photo: H&M:

The other bag that has thrown
H&M It also has a heart shape. It is in dark green, with a shoulder strap and thin strap. It has a somewhat more elegant satin finish. In addition, it is cheaper (around 12 euros) and is perfect to wear as a wedding guest.