Push up legs, the controversial training of celebrities to gain muscle quickly


Tamara Villa

When it comes to building strength and gaining muscle, it can be easy to get lost in lots of conflicting advice. With a proliferation of split workouts, diet tips, and gym hacks posted every hour, the noise can be deafening. However, there is a training that is now on everyone’s lips due to the diffusion that they are making famous in all areas: it is the
push up legs.

Its name says it: push, pull, legs. Simple as that. And it fits almost
all the fitness lovers in the weight roomFrom beginners to calloused gym goers looking to break a training plateau. Another thing is to know if it is what you need, because it is a hard exercise with not a little controversy around it.

It is a type of
full body split workout Designed to build muscle by following a simple format: On a given day of the week, you train only your upper body pushing muscles (push), upper body pulling muscles (up), or the entire upper body. lower body (legs).

Split training, fashion

Now it turns out that everyone is looking for the perfect training split that will completely skyrocket their benefits and give them the best results. For each woman, the results will vary, because in reality
there is no right or wrong way to break up a workout. Most training divisions are designed around each individual’s ability to train consistently.

Woman with developed musculature/PEXELS

Some women love a total body workout, especially if they’re short on time, but more and more women are enjoying splitting their workout into two specific body parts per workout session. Really, everything is subjective and a
matter of preference.

That being said, each training division has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, such a popular training split as the push up legs can suit many fitness lovers. While this training method can have great benefits, there are also
Some inconvenients to take into account to get the most out of the training.

Benefits of push up legs

A great benefit of the push up legs program is the emphasis on
work specific muscle groups. Pushing days consist of training all the muscles involved in that task, including the chest, triceps, and shoulders. The pull targets the biceps, back, and is usually combined with abdominal work as well. Leg work day is all about training the lower half of the body.

This type of division allows for a very specific focus and, in turn, a
great recovery time for each target muscle group. Since you’ll be working the antagonist muscles every other day, allow the ones from the day before to rest and recover properly, an important key to building quality muscle.

Cons of the push up legs

So far, all great. So what could be the downside of training this way? While the split allows you to train the whole body, depending on the intensity of your training session and the parts of the body that you still have to work on, it is possible that the split
do not attack your weak points as much as it should to allow them to improve.

Woman with developed musculature/PEXELS

For example, if you have deficiencies in the leg group, most of the split is focused on the upper body. The two days dedicated to training the upper body are necessary for overall growth, but with one day to focus on the legs with
work deficit, you can throw it all to the ground. The division would require mods to give your weak points the attention they need.

This can be compounded if your weaknesses are in multiple areas, including your legs, biceps, back, and triceps, for example. That means
additional time would be needed for every aspect of the division. If this split is not managed properly, you could easily overload yourself, leaving little time for recovery.