Rejuvenate your bedroom with the decoration trends that are coming to sweep 2023


Elena Romero Vargas

Giving a new air to home decoration is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions and, at the same time, one of the easiest to fulfill. You just need to be clear about the
style that you want to apply and the intention to get down to work. This 2023 arrives loaded with
decorative trends to give a fresher and more modern touch to your decoration, and we present them to you so that you can also incorporate them into your home.

One of the most special rooms in the house is the
bedroom. Perhaps it is not where you spend the most time, but it is where you retire to rest, which in the end is essential to carry out the day to day well. How your bedroom is decorated says a lot about you and influences more than you think in the
sleep quality. For this reason, we bring you the best decorative trends that you can incorporate into your bedroom to create a
cozy atmosphere and most beautiful.

If there is a room that is
your placethat is the bedroom, so the main thing when it comes to renovating its decoration is that it be in tune with your
personality and make you feel very comfortable. But, as you already know, comfort is not incompatible with
beauty and the
elegance. The decorative trends that are sweeping in 2023 combine comfort and style to achieve the perfect result you need.

Give prominence to the headboard wall

wallpapers with natural or geometric motifs and
bright colors They arrive stomping this new year. Although strong colors are not the most recommended for rest areas, the fact of focusing only on one wall (better if it is the headboard) makes the room more
depth and give it a more youthful touch.

The color par excellence of the season is the
blue, especially its more electric and brilliant variants. Blue is a cold color that is associated with calm and peace of mind, which is why it fits perfectly in a bedroom. By opting for a stronger tone, you will also give that lively and cheerful touch that will fill the room with optimism. Other colors that are also in fashion in 2023 are the
yellow mustardhe
emerald green and of course the
long live magenta.

Bedroom decorated with natural motifs and mustard yellow/PEXELS

Take advantage of the freshness of linen and cotton

fabrics They are now more relevant than ever. Whether in the curtains, which this year are worn at ground level, or in the bedding, the material you choose for the textiles in your room will be essential to achieve a
elegant and sophisticated result. The most acclaimed of this season are the
linen and the
cottonfresh fabrics that are halfway between elegance and the informal air that can take away from the seriousness of the room.

linens It will be another of those details that you must take care of with special care. Make sure that your bed is dressed according to the style of the room. If you prefer something more modern, opt for
youth sheets and cushionsbut if you prefer to stay in the
basiclook for bedding that maintains this harmony.

Create an exclusive corner for you

After the bathroom, the bedroom is the
more intimate stay of a house. It is your place of rest and privacy, and you should treat it as such. To reinforce this feeling, create a
gathering corner where warmth prevails and has everything you need to take refuge in it whenever necessary.

Bedroom with relief walls in blue/PEXELS

A good idea to create this space and which is also a trend this year is to incorporate a
dresser. It is enough to place a mirror, a small table and a flirty stool to set the scene for this space relegated to self-care. You can also choose to design a
small chill out with poufs and cushions to rest after a long day without having to go directly to bed.

Elevate decor with moldings and reliefs

If you want to go a step further in changing the decoration, bet on giving it to the walls of your bedroom
embossed with moldings. Of course, keep in mind that the effect of this motif is classic and stately, so it could
clash in a more youthful room. If what you are looking for is to take elegance to the extreme, this is the perfect resource.