The 5 most beautiful towns to visit in Madrid


Elena Romero Vargas

Living in Madrid has many advantages, but when the weekend comes you feel like disconnecting from the frenzy of the city and
look for a quieter plan away from the noise and the rush of the capital. Luckily, you can get it without leaving the province, and that is
Madrid It has many of the most beautiful towns in Spain within a very short time from the city.

If you are a lover of history, you want to discover jewels of Spanish cultural heritage and enjoy the best traditional recipes without leaving Madrid, take note of these towns and get down to work organizing a great weekend plan with friends or family. These
five most beautiful towns in Madrid they are the destination you are looking for it.

Chincon, Madrid


This town is located 45 kilometers from Madrid, and in it you can see from wonders of nature to places modified by the action of man that treasure years of art and culture. This town stands on hills and its natural landscape perfectly complements the red roofs of its light-colored houses. But what most attracts the attention of Chinchón is, without a doubt, its
Main Squaredeclared a Historic-Artistic Site.

This square has been the scene of a multitude of activities, from comedy shows and theatrical performances to executions. Today its incredible architectural framework surrounds the
town social center, and it has a wide range of hotels where you can stop for an aperitif. Among the other enclaves that you cannot miss if you visit Chinchón are the Clock Tower and the Church of the Assumption, which, as the popular saying goes, is a tower without a church and a church without a tower. In addition, inside the Church of the Assumption you will find a
Goya’s unique work.

Nuevo Baztan, Madrid

new baztan

The history of this town dates back to the 18th century, when it was born as an industrial complex where fine glass and textile factories were located, among others. Its old town preserves the charm of the time, with architectural jewels, such as the
Palace of Juan de Goyeneche, where you will find a beautiful patio and the Church of San Francisco Javier with a major altarpiece by Churriguera. In addition, in Nuevo Baztán you can taste traditional Castilian cuisine and some typical dishes of the area.

But you will not only be able to soak up history and food in Nuevo Baztán, because another of its
great attractions is its natural environment. Hiking lovers will be able to enjoy routes where you can enjoy both its emblematic buildings and the landscape that surrounds it. Without a doubt, this offer is the best way to enjoy this town. Of course, avoid the very hot months to enjoy it more.

Patones from Above

Patones from Above

Located in the Jarama Valley, this town declared an Asset of Cultural Interest is one of the hidden jewels of the Community. One of its great attractions are its
slate houses that draw the peculiar characteristic landscape of the “black towns” of Madrid. In this town with a somewhat curious history (until the 18th century it had its own king-mayor, which makes Patones de Arriba a small kingdom) it seems that time stands still for you to enjoy a unique atmosphere of disconnection and routine abstraction.

If you visit Patones de Arriba you cannot miss any of the two routes that they offer so that you can get to know the town in depth. In the first, called
Ages of Architectureyou will delve into the history of the town from its origins through its constructions, and in the second,
Food Architectureto know in depth all its traditions.

Rascafria, Madrid

cold scratch

nature lovers You will enjoy your visit to Rascafría, because this town in the Alto de Lozoya Valley has such impressive sites as the Finnish Park, which recreates a Northern European forest, the Puente del Perdón, the Purgatorio waterfalls or Las Presillas, a recreational area where bathing is allowed in its three natural pools.

In Rascafría there is also the
Monastery of Santa Maria del Paular, a Gothic jewel from the 15th century that was the first Carthusian monastery in Spain and that still retains the charm of the moment today. The old post house, the church of San Andrés Apóstol or the Puente de la Reina are other of its emblematic buildings that you cannot miss.

La Hiruela, Madrid

the hiruela

La Hiruela is one of the great unknown jewels of Madrid. It is located in the Sierra del Rincón, and its appeal stands out especially for its
stone and wood houses that collect the rustic charm that combines perfectly with the natural landscape that surrounds it. Visiting this town is going back years to rural life in all its essence, and its streets and museums ensure that it is so.

With the options of routes that they offer from the town you will be able to enjoy their
woods and streams, a perfect plan for a quiet weekend of disconnection. A trip to the past a few kilometers from the city where rest and enjoyment are more than guaranteed.