Ringing Bells cheap smartphone hits stores


The Freedom 251, the world’s cheapest Indian-made smartphone, has survived the controversy and will begin shipping later this month.

In February of this same year, we heard about the launch of an Indian smartphone, the Freedom 251which went on the market for just over three euros (251 rupees, 3.27 euros to change). Thanks to its low price, this mobile phone became the center of all the controversies and, a few days later, the manufacturer Ringing Bells was forced to pay back the first customers due to its inability to cope with the huge number of orders.

He Freedom 251 generated great curiosity among Internet users and many wondered how it was possible that a so cheap android phone was profitable. The first hypotheses pointed directly to the Indian Government and to the subsidies that Ringing Bells may have received. Then the customer service provider Cyfuture BPO accused this company of fraud.

On the other hand, the Indian Mobile Association (ICA) also pointed out irregularities of the Freedom 251 regarding construction materials. Taking into account the four-inch screen, the 1.3 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, the organization defended that the final price should be around 40 dollars.

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Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any more complicated for Ringing Bells, it was discovered that the Freedom 251 it is basically a copy of the Chinese terminal Adcom Ikon 4 which sells for $54. The director of the company, Mohit Goel, defended himself during the investigation: “We remain committed to cooperating with any government agency that wants to investigate our organization for any reason or suspicion.”.

Ringing Bells cheap smartphone hits stores

I maintain that we are going to bring affordable quality products to our customers across a diverse range of smartphones, including the Freedom 251.Goel added. Finally, after a hectic couple of months and with over 70 million orders pending, Ringing Bells is ready to begin distribution of this cheap mobile June 30.

We have learned from our mistakes and decided to stay quiet until we were done with the product. Now we have a 4 inch dual SIM phone ready to shipGoel said. The director has confirmed that they will lose money with each unit soldbut his goal, he says, is bringing technology to deprived rural settings.

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Ringing Bells expects to ship 2.5 million units by the end of the month and another 200,000 Freedom 251s the following month. Now it is time for the detailed analysis of this cheap smartphone to test your performance. In any case, the specs are close to those of the original iPhone that was released nine years ago for $599.

(Source: mashable)