Spinning for beginners: how to strengthen your core, increase metabolism and tone your legs


Elena Romero Vargas

spinning It is one of the most attractive exercises for those looking to lose weight and tone up while having fun. This activity has two main protagonists: the exercise bike and the change of rhythms that you undergo in spinning and that is responsible for
burn fat and work the whole body.

Normally, spinning classes are guided by an instructor, although you can also do it at home if you have the necessary equipment. If you choose to sign up for classes in this sport,
fun and dynamism are guaranteedbecause in sessions of no more than an hour you will go through different levels at the pace set by the session or the music that accompanies it.

Best of all, this sport is
suitable for all kinds of people whether or not they had a previous approach to sport. The only thing you have to take into account is your resistance level to
adapt the exercise to your abilities physical. Little by little, as you train, you will be able to advance, but do not be in a hurry.

How to start spinning

The motivation to start spinning is usually to lose weight, so the process that accompanies it must be in accordance with this objective. A
balanced diet and an active lifestyle They are essential for spinning to bear fruit. In addition, it is essential that before starting a spinning session you do a
correct and complete heating to prepare the body and prevent injuries.

Woman doing spinning/@SICLO

Another essential requirement to do a good spinning training is
choose the bike well. If you go to a gym, make sure that the bicycle chosen for your session has the height of the seat to your liking and comfort and that the pedaling capacity adjusts to your physical shape and your needs so that it is not excessively difficult for you to start exercising . Similarly, take care of all these details if you train from home.

Last but not least,
adapt the session to your level realistically. You do not want to start at a very high level first, nor do you want to keep up with colleagues who have a more advanced level. If you go faster than your body can, not only will you tire sooner, but you may cause yourself unnecessary injuries. In the case of joining a guided class, look for a level that best suits you.

Benefits of spinning

In addition to being a dynamic and fun sport, spinning has numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. The main and most attractive is that it is perfect for burning fat and, therefore, for
help you lose weight. In one session you can burn between 400 and 600 calories, and it won’t take long to notice the effects of training.

Woman doing spinning/@SICLO

the spinning
work strength and resistance, it tones your muscles and strengthens your joints, so the physical benefits are more than evident and will help you to carry out your daily tasks with greater ease and ease. When training resistance,
improve your respiratory capacity and strengthen your cardiac and immune system.

Your mental health will also appreciate your initiation into this practice. Being a very active exercise it is perfect for
release stress and control anxiety levels by activating hormones such as endorphin, responsible for producing the feeling of calm and happiness. In addition, it boosts your coordination and cognitive capacity, so your brain will be more alert and trained for the rest of the situations in your life.