The exercises of Jennifer López’s trainer to avoid the loss of muscle mass with which she achieves a slender body at 53 years of age


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Where do you have to sign to have a slim, toned and defined body like that of
Jennifer Aniston,
Julia Roberts either
Jennifer Lopez over 50? If you want to be like this, what you should sign is the contract with the
gym (and go, of course) because those great bodies are not achieved alone. especially that of
Jennifer Lopezwho at 53 years old not only has a body
muscularbut it demonstrates his
power in each of the video clips in which he stars.

But it has not always been so. some time ago,
Jennifer Lopez I did a lot of work
aerobicbut the training of
force I had forgotten. What was the result of this? The
sarcopeniaor what is the same, the
loss of muscle mass. From so much doing pure aerobic exercises, without anaerobic components, his muscles could not replace what they lost, so they were losing
volume and power.

This loss of
muscle mass is a process that occurs
natural in our body as we turn years old, but there are ways to
stop it or that it occurs more slowly and the work of
force Is the best solution.

Why isn’t it enough to just do aerobics?

We have already said it on other occasions: the ideal training is one that combines training sessions
cardio with training of
force. But if you don’t train your muscle power but do a lot of sports
aerobicyou may suffer a loss of
muscle massr as dramatic as your cardio workout is powerful.

Jennifer Lopez on the sofa /


sarcopenia suffered by Jennifer Lopez (to a mild degree, of course) is characterized by the
loss of muscle mass, strength, and function. Signs and symptoms include weakness, tiredness, lack of energy, balance problems, and difficulty walking and standing.

If you lose
muscle mass you have less aerobic capacity since you enter less
oxygen to your body and you take advantage of it worse, even if you go for a run or ride a bike. This is solved by doing exercises
anaerobicwhich improve oxygenation throughout the body and, more specifically, in the muscles.

Jennifer Lopez’s abs routine

Jennifer Lopez pay special attention to your
ABSthat as you have seen, are strong and toned, being the cause of a flat stomach that walks through all the
red carpets. The person responsible for this is
Gunna Petersonthe personal trainer chosen by several Hollywood stars.

Peterson has developed a
routine of training to maintain
ABS of the singer and actress as strong as possible. Is about
five exercises very easy to do that you can replicate from your home and without any type of material:

Jennifer Lope in a gaal/@jlo dress

bicycle crunches

How they are madeN: Lie down on the ground, with your hands behind your neck. Next, she flexes her trunk as if you were going to do a classic sit-up and brings her right knee towards her left elbow and vice versa. The speed of execution is key, as long as the proper movements of the technique are respected.

reverse crunches

How they are made: In this case, you work the abdominals by moving the legs instead of the torso, which is why they are called inverted. Lie on your back with your arms crossed, then raise your legs until they form a right angle and lower them back to the ground without actually touching it.

side bridge

How it’s done: Lie on your side, resting your forearm and the side of your leg on the floor. Next, raise and lower your core as many times as directed by your trainer. This exercise requires balance and ideally, before doing it, you should fully control other variants of the glute bridge and the plank.

Plank with suspension and hand to the shoulder

How it’s done: Lie on your stomach and raise your trunk, resting the palms of your hands on the ground and the tips of your feet, keeping your body straight. Next, bring your right hand to your left shoulder, and then do the same with the other limb.

air chops

How they are made: This exercise can be static or dynamic and consists of acquiring a position in which the core muscles are in tension and their contractility is sustained. The legs are open, standing, while the hands are joined above the head and go down as if cutting the air to the front.