This easy home workout tones up without bulking up and helps boost metabolism and lose fat


Elena Romero Vargas

When it comes to exercising with the aim of losing weight and shaping the body, one of the biggest fears of many women is to develop excessive muscle mass and that their body looks bigger and stronger than they would like. However, this fear does not have to serve as an excuse for not getting down to work, because this training will help you tone up without excessively developing your muscle mass.

Working on toning without taking muscle mass into account is not only impossible, it is also counterproductive, since the
Fat loss and muscle mass strength go hand in hand. on this goal. One of the great advantages of the female body in this case is that excessively developing muscle mass is much more complicated, so you will be able to follow the usual rhythm of the proposed training without greater risk of your body adopting a shape that you do not like.

To lose weight and get a strong and beautiful body, it is recommended that you do not work by areas, but focus on
lose overall fat and, when you achieve it, then you focus on developing more or less according to which area of ​​the body. To do this, it is best to focus on
aerobic or cardio exercises that work the whole body and help lose fat. And, of course, it is essential that you accompany the process with an adequate and consistent diet that facilitates the process.

Thus, the training is divided into two objectives:
the first, lose fat, and the second, work and define the areas you want to strengthen and define. If you focus directly on working the muscle so that it looks “hard” and you skip that previous step, what you are going to achieve is that the fat camouflages that work and the results are not appreciated. In the same way, if you only eliminate fat without strengthening muscle mass, the skin will look flaccid. These exercises to do at home serve both purposes and will help you achieve that body you dream of.

Woman exercising at home/PEXELS


Any workout that aims to tone up and lose fat should include squats. This exercise focuses especially on the buttocks and legs, but
works all muscle groups and burns general fat. Stand tall with your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend the knees and lower the buttocks taking care that the knee does not exceed the balls of the feet. At first, focus more on watching the technique than on the intensity of the repetitions, and when you have mastered it, then you can give it a plus of intensity.

push ups

All the variations of push-ups are perfect to include in this training, since the entire upper body and part of the lower body are worked to a greater or lesser extent. it’s an exercise
fast, effective and focused on the proposed objectives. Try lying on your stomach on a mat and supporting your body weight on your knees and palms. Raise your feet and raise and lower your chest, bringing it towards the ground, without separating your arms from your trunk.


This exercise is perfect for
burn fat and strengthen the core area, but also to strengthen balance and coordination. Lie on your stomach and raise your body, supporting your weight on the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet. Hold this position for 30 seconds and try to keep your body completely straight throughout the exercise. If you want to further strengthen the work in the waist and hip area, contract the muscles of the abdomen while you are in this position.

Woman with sports equipment/PEXELS


To perform this exercise you can use either a training bench, or any step you find at home. Is a
aerobic, dynamic and fun activity that works strength and toning at the same time. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things to do: it just requires you to walk up and down that step, alternating legs, at a more or less active pace. A trick: to keep a good rhythm, put on a song that encourages you to continue active without stopping and that marks the times of the activity.

bicep curl

When it comes to working the upper part more specifically, the arm curl is great for
gain strength in the arms and eliminate fat in this area. You need some dumbbells or some water jugs with weight. Keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent, raise and lower the weight while keeping your abdomen contracted. Make sure that the movements are slow and controlled, especially at the beginning, to monitor the success of the activity and avoid injuries.