Three easy exercises to define the arms, gain muscle mass and eliminate bat wings at 50


Sara Flamenco

hormonal changes typical of age and, above all, the
menopause in women, they bring with them flaccidity and the accumulation of fat in certain areas of our body. The
arms They are one of the most affected by this stage of life, but you do not have to resign yourself to living with the
bat wings if it’s not what you want. Because yes, estrogens are not going to make it easy for us, but you can fight to minimize its consequences.

And what can we do? There is no magic wand that will erase the
flaccidity of the arms The key is to lead a little life
sedentaryeat correctly, perform
exercise and hydrate. Through physical exercise you can improve the
blood circulation and burn
caloriesaspects that help
tone up the muscles in our arms so that tank tops fit you just as good as they did when you were 20.

These are
the easiest exercises What should you introduce into your routine to exercise your arms and have them like Queen Letizia at 50:

Dumbbell biceps curl

This is a very
easy to do correctly from your home, but there are certain aspects that you must take into account to get the most out of it.
top game. The first thing you should know is that the biceps is a
very small muscleso you can exercise it once a week and it will be more than enough.

To do it correctly you must be aware of your
positionsqueezing the
shoulder blades and the
buttocks and contracting the
ABS on the move. It is not just about raising the
dumbbells towards the shoulders bending the elbows, but you have to perform a
rotation of the dumbbell when the forearm is parallel to the floor so that the stress of the exercise is exerted on the
biceps and not in the brachialis.

The biceps curl is an easy and affordable exercise to strengthen the arms at any age. /

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

We explain it briefly. get into position
upright with your legs slightly open and bent and both hands at the sides of your body with a
dumbbell in each one. The hands should be facing the inside of your body and
rotate so that they face the ceiling on the rise, when the forearm meets
parallel down. When going down you will make the same rotation in the opposite direction to return to the
initial position.

triceps backbend

This exercise is also very easy to perform.
from your house, but you must position your body in the correct way so as not to destabilize yourself and hurt yourself in the
lower back. He
triceps It is a muscle that we do not exercise on a regular basis, so it is easy for it to show the
flaccidity to a greater extent, thus appearing the
bat wings. That is why it is necessary to perform specific exercises for this muscle group.

To perform the backbend
triceps you should stand up with your legs slightly open and bent to have more
stability. Raise one arm above your head, inhale and perform a
elbow flexion until you bring the dumbbell behind the neck. Then return to the starting position and exhale at the end of the movement.

The push up or push-ups is one of the most basic exercises to strengthen the arms. /

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash.

Push up or push-ups

Thanks to this exercise you will not only exercise the
armsbut you can also boast of a
chest toned and strong and you will also work the
core and even the
buttocks. Of course, you must perform the technique correctly to avoid
injuriesDon’t start doing push-ups like crazy.

you must get high
face down with your hands firmly on the ground, carrying the entire weight of your body on them. The
forearms must be upright and make sure the
neck and back maintain a neutral position. then activate
the abdomen and buttocks so that your body goes down straight, without curving your back.

To do it correctly,
the chest should touch the floor and you have to descend slowly controlling the movement,
not let you fall It is possible that at first you do not have enough strength, but to solve it you can always place yourself with the
knees supported on the floor instead of plank position.

If you have done some sport throughout your life, they will surely sound familiar to you.
these three exercises, since they are the most basic. Introduce them into your daily routine and you will see how little by little that hateful
flaccidity in the arms and without too strenuous an effort.