Twitter will remove blue verification in a few days, unless you start paying for it


It seems like a joke but it is totally real. Very soon (April 1) the Twitter accounts previously verified before Elon Musk arrived at the company they will lose their checkmarks unless they start paying for them.

The website has announced that “it will start to close your legacy verified program and remove any legacy verified checkmarks” April 1. If you remember, shortly after Elon Musk took over the social media platform, Twitter It quickly changed the way the verification process works.

Instead of going through a process to get verified, anyone can get the blue checkmark added to their profile from the social network paying $8 per month to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

The reality is that shortly after Twitter Blue first launched in November 2022, Elon Musksaid “there are too many corrupt legacy ‘verification’ checkmarks from Blue” and that the company will eliminate them in the coming months.

Twitter will remove legacy checkmarks starting April 1

The official Verified Twitter account has made the announcement, saying that individuals and organizations they can only maintain verified status by subscribing to Twitter Blue or registering with Verified Organizations, respectively.

The accounts Twitter Blue keep the blue checkmark, while organizations are highlighted with a gold checkmark. The basis of this commotion is that a multitude of celebrities or relevant people who obtained their verification before Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter, have until April 1 to subscribe to Twitter Blue or they will lose this badge.

The truth is that it will be quite interesting to see how big celebrities take this novelty and if all of them are willing to pay the subscription once April begins. Surely more than one will show their opinion via social network.

For example, it was previously seen how Stephen King’s reaction showed that Elon Musk’s plan can cause relevant people to leave Twitter and look for new alternatives.