Why this cheap kitchen robot from Lidl, just like a luxury one, sweeps sales and sells out in minutes


Ana Calvo

It’s been a long time since
lidllike Primark Home, became one of our benchmarks
deco low cost when dressing our house for very little money. Your selection of furniture and textiles to
very cheap prices It has made us find bargains like these ideal side tables, this armchair that looked like something out of a luxury antique dealer, or this versatile and very practical kitchen cabinet.

But among all the Lidl deco bargains, there is one that is a hit year after year, it sells out in minutes and causes long lines at the door of the supermarket every time it goes on sale, that is
Monsieur Cuisine Smart, its famous kitchen robot star, which this season is available again from July 1 and, this time, reduced to 399 euros. Of course, we do not know how long it will take to fly off the shelves and its website…

The Lidl kitchen robot is much cheaper than the Thermomix.

Direct competition from the well-known Thermomix, Lidl and the famous kitchen robot firm were involved in a media trial at the end of 2022.
Thermomix accused Lidl of plagiarism for its Monsieur Cuisine Connect, but finally the Barcelona Court agreed with the German supermarket and it has been able to put its summer hit back on sale. Neither Amazon’s Prime Day and its version of Cecotec seem to be able to shade the supermarket robot this summer.

But, what advantages does Monsieur Cuisine Smart from Lidl offer compared to the famous Thermomix? First of all, and as a strong point,
its price. While the Thermomix is ​​around 1,200,
Lidl’s robot does not reach 400a third part of the amount for benefits that, for the most inexperienced cooks and cooks, are more than enough and could tip the scales towards the ultra low cost supermarket version.

The video recipe features of the Lidl kitchen robot. /


«This kitchen robot can be purchased for 399.99 euros and offers more innovative and unique features than most of the options on the market, being a
70% cheaper than its main competitor“, they proudly say from Lidl.

In addition, the new Monsieur Cuisine Smart incorporates
new features compared to the previous Connect version, allowing, for example, to emulsify food, program up to 12 hours of fermentation (can you imagine this in confinement with ‘bread fever’?), cook at low temperature and activate the cooking-pilot function , with more than 600 recipes, ideal for cooking a variety of savory dishes and pastries.

The Lidl kitchen robot connects with the tablet and the smartphone. /


With a container capacity of up to three liters, integrated 5kg scale and a more powerful motor, the
main functionalities of the robot are kneading, steaming, frying, slow cook, low temperature cooking, fermentation, egg cooking, cleaning program, beating and pureeing. In addition, it has an 8” touch screen, 99-minute timer, adjustable temperature, Wi-Fi and connection to smartphones and tablets, voice assistance and guided cooking video with instructions.

According to Lidl, its flagship product returns “to make its customers
life easier in the kitchensince it offers the possibility to the most inexperienced cooks of making different, elaborate and very special culinary proposals for only 399.99 euros«.