You can lose weight just by walking if you apply these five tricks from Harvard experts


Sara Flamenco

lose weight It is best to do some kind of exercise. Some people prefer to go to the gym, others prefer to go for a run… and there are those who run away from exercise like cats from water. If you belong to the latter group, perhaps you could start exercising your body simply
taking long walksYou already know that experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day.

But it is not worth walking in any way. According to the School of Medicine of
harvardwalking allows you to burn a good amount of
calories with only 30 minutes of execution but as long as you do it in a particular way, not just taking a leisurely walk.

According to a study published by
Harvard Medical School, a person who weighs 56 kilos will burn approximately 107 calories walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. One of 70 kilos will lose about 133 calories and, one of 85 kilos, 159 calories. If the rhythm is vigorous, in the first case it will mean an expenditure of 135 calories, in the second of 175 and, in the third, it will burn 189 calories.

The prestigious university has published in
Walking for Health a series of tips to lose weight by walking quickly and effectively, in addition to improving your health. Is about
five tricks that explain how to boost fat burning while you walk, since putting their advice into practice while you walk can reduce the occurrence of coronary diseases by between 6% and 10%.

The five tricks from Harvard University to lose weight by walking

Increase your body weight

According to Harvard experts, by increasing our
body weight we would be able to consume 12% more calories. To achieve this, simply use ankle weights or a weighted vest, as advised
chenoa in one of his Instagram posts (this is one of his secrets along with hypopressives).

walk uphill

if you choose to walk
up hill You’ll increase your caloric intake by up to 13%, so you won’t need to add weight to your walk. In addition to helping you lose weight, you will get to tone the muscles of your
lower bodyyou will improve your lung capacity and all this without adding impact to your joints, something that you do suffer with running.

increase speed

One of the methods most recommended by experts to start exercising is CaCo, a combination of walking and running that improves your cardiovascular capacity and allows you to
improve your fitness progressively and without risk of injury.

But there’s no need to run if your goal is
slim down. Only by increasing the pace of your walk without starting to run will you increase your physical effort and, therefore, the
fat burning. It is best that you increase speed gently at first and a little faster as your practice rides increase.

Choose the right moment

According to experts from
harvardthe best time to go for a walk is
after dinner because this is how we avoid blood glucose spikes. By consuming that energy, we prevent glucose from being stored in our body as fat, avoiding weight gain.

Do another exercise besides walking

The last tip you may like a little less. The experts of
harvard insist that the best thing for your body is to combine your walks with
strength exercises that help you develop your muscle mass, which leaves less room for fat. Yes, this last trick is going to cost you a little more, but no one said it was easy.