5 plans to get to know Amsterdam in one day


Elena Romero Vargas

It is considered one of the most beautiful and fun cities in Europe. His fame precedes him, and it is not for less, because anyone who has gone through
Amsterdam can corroborate that everything that is said about her is completely true. For this reason, when thinking about traveling to a destination within the continent, the name of the capital of the Netherlands resonates strongly. Even if it’s only for
spend a few hours.

This city continues to breathe the heritage of
splendor that lived in the 17th century. It preserves a great cultural wealth and an architecture based on gabled houses that create a magical landscape through which you want to get lost. But if Amsterdam stands out for something, it is for
their channels which have earned it the nickname “Venice of the North”.

Another of its great hallmarks are
the bicycles, the preferred means of transport for tourists and locals to explore its streets. Of course, if you visit the city, pay special attention to traffic, because the influx of this vehicle is such that the most clueless can suffer unwanted accidents when running into one that circulates on its roads.

Perhaps in your recent travel agenda Amsterdam is one of the designated destinations. If you are going to spend several days in it, you will have no problem exploring it in depth, but if what you have planned is an express stop, this list of
five essential plans It’s all you need to explore it to the fullest in record time.

Amsterdam canals /


Take a walk through their channels

If you go to visit Amsterdam, the obligatory stop (and almost impossible to avoid) are its channels. The city has a total of
165 channels around which all the life of the city is organized and which gives it that characteristic and precious aspect. Since 2010 the canals of Amsterdam are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you need more to get to know them up close?

You can walk along its shores or
enjoy a cruise by boat for them. With this original activity you will be able to discover the most emblematic points of the city and enjoy a complete panoramic view from the water. There are multiple cruise options: from taking advantage of the daylight so as not to lose detail to reserving this plan for the sunset to reinforce the magical climate that is breathed.

Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam /


Allow yourself a floral whim

Another of the great hallmarks of Amsterdam is the
Bloemenmarkt, a flower market that has more than 140 years of stories that lovers of gardening and flowers will fall in love with. In addition to his famous
tulips (if you go between April and May you can add a walk through its blooming fields to your visit), in this market you will find all kinds of flowers and seeds that you can take home.

This market opens at 9 in the morning, and as it is located on the banks of its canals, you can
enjoy the ride to stop by, buy some flowers or simply enjoy the spectacular environment they create. Be that as it may, it is one of those plans that you cannot miss on your visit to Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam /


Soak up their culture

historical and cultural offer of Amsterdam is impressive, and its museums attest to this. It was born in the 13th century as a fishermen’s town and this laid the foundations for it to live its Golden Age in the 17th century, to which it owes its characteristic architecture and a good part of its current heritage wealth. In addition, artists of the stature of Rembrandt or Van Gogh lived there, whose most famous works are preserved in the city’s museums.

The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House Museum or the Moco Museum are just some of the options you have. Whether you are more into contemporary art, or if you are interested in historical events, or if you want to learn more about Dutch painting,
there is an option for you.

Of course, keep in mind that some
they are very big and it will take you a long time your visit. Organize your schedule well and prioritize what is most rewarding in the time you have so that the cultural note on your trip is fully satisfactory.

Heineken factory /

heineken museum amsterdam

Delve into the Heineken Experience

After strolling through its streets and delving fully into its culture, it is time to get to know another of the emblematic activities of the city: the Heineken Experience. The beer brand celebrates
150 years providing good times to people from all over the world, and among the different celebrations that they propose on the occasion of this event is the interactive visit to their factory in Amsterdam.

After so many years accompanying you in your best memories, now you can learn more about
the history of this beer and its entire production process. The Heineken Experience has different guided tours of its factory where you can learn about its family history, the evolution of its bottles or its secret ingredients, to taste a beer tasting in one of the most special rooms in the place.

Best of all, is that at the end of the experience you can enjoy a
refreshing Heineken beer that will put the finishing touch to the activity. In addition, if the day allows it, the factory has a
rooftop in which Heineken intends to continue making you happy by accompanying the unique flavor of its beer with incredible views of the city.

Visit the fashionable neighborhood of the city

Red Light District, Amsterdam /


Beyond its neon lights and the business that has made it known worldwide, the
Amsterdam Red Light District It has become one of the most popular enclaves with the best leisure environment in the city. Gone is its fame as a dangerous and avoidable place to become one of the neighborhoods with the most tourist influx, where you can get to know a different part of Amsterdam.

You can learn more about its history by hiring a guided tour, thanks to which you will get closer to
hidden places with a special charm. In the Red Light District you can visit places as peculiar as the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum or the Red Light Secrets, museums that explain the history of cannabis use and prostitution in the city, or the Amstelkring, a clandestine Catholic church with a spectacular baroque portrait that are also found in this neighborhood.