The four exercises with which María Pedraza tones her entire body to get a great guy


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get a body like
Maria Pedraza It is not an easy task. Like Penelope Cruz, the actress has trained for years in classical dance, which has shaped her body from a very early age. But even though the body has memory, if you don’t keep exercising it, the
musculature is lost.

The actress, who became famous in our country for her role as Alison Parker in Money Heist and for her Elite Marina, is very committed to her physique and, thanks to the advice of her personal trainer
angel merchanhe performs intense training routines to tone his entire body.

María Pedraza’s favorite exercises

These are the
four exercises favorites of Maria Pedraza. Four more intense variants of classic exercises, with which she manages to strengthen her muscles, slim her body and burn more calories, the winning combo to have
a body 10 (If you add a balanced diet, of course).

1. The iron and its variants

To do
the classic iron, lie on the floor face down and raise the body supporting the weight on the forearms and the balls of the feet. The body should be completely straight, from the top of the head to the feet, and while holding the pose for a while, you should not raise or lower the hips.

This is the classic way to do it, but
Maria Pedraza includes some movement to stimulate balance, changing the point of support without rocking the body. According to a 2016 study, muscle activation is greater when the plank is performed with certain
variations like the ones made by Pedraza.

These variations are very
easy of doing. From the high plank position, switch arm supports by alternating forearms and palms. You can also alternately raise one foot and the other without moving the rest of the body.

Carrying out these variants, the
force that is needed from the core to keep the body firm is higher. These types of exercises are not only good for defining the
six packbut also strengthens the back and improves body posture, avoiding annoying pain.

2. Abdominals from the bar

Maria Pedraza uses
bars in the gym for more than just lifting weights. The woman from Madrid hangs from them so that her own body weight exerts
endurance in performing various movements that strengthen the entire core musculature, not just the abdominal area. Hanging from the bar you can perform various exercises:

– L Isometric: This barbell abdominal exercise consists of forming an L with the body. That is, you hang from the bar with both hands and your body straight and, from there, you raise your straight legs to form an L, maintaining this position as long as possible while contracting the abdomen. If you cannot raise your legs straight, you can also do it with your legs bent, although the intensity of the exercise will be less.

María Pedraza in a black bikini on the beach. /Gtresonline

– Knees to chest: Hanging from the bar you must contract the abdomen to explosively raise the knees towards the chest and return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner. In order not to punish the lower back, you have to bring your hips forward and your heels back.

– The watch: Hanging from the bar with both hands, raise your legs until your feet are level with the bar. From this position, he lowers his legs to 9 o’clock and brings them to 3 o’clock, all this with the abdomen contracted and the legs elevated with the feet at the height of the bar. Keep in mind that this is a harder exercise and is not suitable for beginners.

– Crossing knees to chest: From the starting position, without taking too much momentum to avoid injury, raise both knees together towards the left side of the chest, lower them and raise them together again but this time towards the right side of the chest. This is a good exercise to work the obliques.

3. Jump squats

classic squat It is one of the most basic exercises that are introduced in any training routine since it is very
completeworking several of the largest muscle groups in the body, such as all the muscles of the legs, buttocks and even the abdomen.

María Pedraza in a black strapless dress on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. /Gtresonline.

But if, in addition, you add a
explosive jump at the end of the exercise, as extra force is needed for this propulsion, the stimulus received by the muscles will be greater, especially the
quadriceps, in addition to having a great cardiovascular wear with which it has a higher caloric burn. Therefore, we are faced with a harder variant but with more powerful results.

how is it done? It has no mystery. You stand upright, with your legs hip-width apart and your feet facing forward or slightly to the sides. Next, she bends her knees, bringing her buttocks back, as if she were going to sit on an imaginary chair, and bringing both hands forward at chest level. You must stop going down when the thighs are parallel to the ground and, from this position, make an explosive jump upwards, falling back to the starting position and accompanying the movement with the arms, which must go back forcefully.

4. Handrails

To perform this exercise you do not need to pay the gym fee, just go to any of the
calisthenics they have put in many parks you have it done. And it is that the handrail is the typical exercise that we all did when we were little, with
a horizontal ladder that served us to move with our hands as if we were monkeys.

In different Instagram posts from
Maria Pedrazawe have seen how he crossed the handrail with intensity, working in this way not only the upper part of the body, but also the entire
the core musculaturesince it is necessary to maintain the stability of the whole body during the exercise.