All the benefits of Jamaican water: it helps to lose weight, cleanses the liver and is an antioxidant


Sara Flamenco

You already know how much we like the infusions that speed up the metabolism and help to lose weight. Of course, as a complement. Taking an infusion of nettle or horsetail you will not
slim down in a miraculous way if you combine it with a balanced diet and the usual practice of sports, but it can help you.

Jamaica’s water It is one of these infusions that we are talking about. It is well known in countries like Mexico, where it is eaten cold in the summer and hot in the winter. And it is that in addition to contributing to the
weightlossJamaican water has other health benefits.

Jamaican water benefits

1. Antioxidant

The Jamaican flower is rich in
antioxidants such as anthocyanins and polyphenols, so it helps to neutralize the action of
free radicals, so it delays cell aging. In addition to being noticeable on your skin, which will look more rejuvenated, it helps prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Helps purify the liver

due to his action
detoxifying Jamaican water helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Thanks to this, it prevents fluid retention and contributes to
cleanse the liver and kidneysso your body will work better and you will notice less swollen.

Glass of Jamaican water with ice. /

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3. Helps lose weight

Jamaican water is purifying, which means that it helps to eliminate the
fat so it is an ideal supplement if you are looking to lose weight. In addition, by also contributing to eliminate fluid retention, your stomach will be flatter and the
cellulitis will decrease.

4. Improves the immune system

Being rich in
ascorbic acid or vitamin C, Jamaica water stimulates the activity of the immune system and protects against possible colds or flu. If consumed as a tea, it treats the discomfort caused by fever, as it has a great cooling effect.

5. Hydrates

Jamaican water is recommended by experts for its power
moisturizing, so it is recommended to consume it during the day at any time of the year. In addition, since you can consume it both hot and cold, it is an ideal drink for any season of the year.

6. Improves digestion

The hibiscus flower is a source of
fiberso it helps to improve the digestive process and prevents constipation, regulating the
intestinal transit and the gastric mucosa. In addition, it decreases the absorption of fats in the intestine and helps burn fat in the body.

7. Lowers cholesterol

It has been verified that the regular consumption of Jamaican water can benefit the body, decreasing the levels of
bad cholesterol in the blood, known as LDL, and helping to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL), which decreases the risk of suffering
cardiovascular diseases.

How to prepare Jamaican water to take advantage of all its benefits

Glass of Jamaican water with ice. /

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  • 1 cup Jamaica flower

  • 12 cups of water

  • ice to serve

  • Sweetener (optional)



Place 4 cups of water in a pot next to the Jamaica flower.


Let it boil for about 5 minutes over medium low heat.


Strain the water and reserve the flowers.


Add the remaining water, the sweetener if you want and mix well.


Refrigerate to serve very cold or serve with ice.