Alligator crawl, the exercise that strengthens the core and works the abs without realizing it

Tamara Villa

alligator crawl It’s an effective way to strengthen your abs and your entire core, but its usefulness extends well beyond that. Because it’s actually a full body workout, and it’s so much fun to do! If you are looking for a job to harden your core, you have already found it.

Despite its epic name, the alligator crawl is actually a pretty straightforward workout. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment, so you can do it as
easily in a home gym. It can also be modified for various fitness levels, making it accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level.

How to do the alligator crawl well

For a basic alligator crawl workout, start by lying on your front on the floor or on a yoga mat,
like you’re about to do push ups. Step your feet back, making sure the soles of your feet face up as your toes touch the mat.

Woman exercising on mat/PEXELS

Engage your core and lift your hips up. Keep your back straight, don’t sink. That’s when you should
use your hands to “walk” forward, but without moving your legs or feet. Instead, these will trail behind you. Indeed: as if you were a mighty alligator.

Try alligator pushups

If you want to challenge yourself with an even more epic alligator workout, try a
alligator flex. This workout is great for those who have already mastered standard push ups and want to take it a step further with an exercise that is effective, fun, simple, and challenging at the same time.

Begin by making a
standard bend and walk forward with the right hand, keeping the toes on the ground. Perform another pushup and use your left hand to “walk” further forward. Do another push-up and repeat until you reach the desired number.

The benefits of the alligator crawl exercise

There are many reasons to become a fan of alligator crawling and one of the obvious ones is that
hone and strengthen your core, one of the great desires that drive you to do fitness. And with a firm core come big powers like increased stability, better athletic shape, and a set of ripping abs.

But your core isn’t the only muscle you work when you do the alligator crawl. Every inch of your body benefits from a session, especially your
arms, legs and shoulders. And the best: it is an exercise that is not only for professionals and experienced athletes.

Woman with sports mat/PEXELS

Even if you have never set foot in a gym before, you can do it without any problems because
you don’t need fancy equipment to try. That said, if you’re a beginner it’s important to work with a fitness trainer to learn proper technique and enjoy its benefits.

Another of its benefits is that you can
change this workout on the fly. Whether you need modifications to suit your physical needs or to increase the challenge of your workouts, this is an exercise to consider. The nature of the alligator crawl makes it easy to incorporate into other routines.

And one final note: few things are worse for a fitness plan than boredom. The alligator crawl is
fun to do and demanding enough to make you come back to it again and again for the multiple benefits it offers. The girl in you is likely to enjoy it tremendously.