Art and cuisine, tasting menus and hotels with renowned chefs: The new restaurants of 2023 that you have to discover and enjoy before going on vacation

Aloña Fdez. Larrechi

Summer is coming, and with it the terraces that are going to become your favorite meeting point and the cocktail bars that you are looking forward to visiting before you escape for a few days to that destination you are already dreaming of. But since there are still a few days left for us to turn the page, we bring you the new restaurants of 2023
that you have to know and enjoy before you go on vacation.

Art and cuisine, tasting menus and hotels with renowned chefs are the starting point for the three restaurants that have joined the
gastronomic offer of Madrid in the last six months. And in some of them it is already impossible to get a table if you do not reserve well in advance.

In a city where culinary novelties seem endless, we have opted for three kitchens that, alone or combined, are committed to the
quality product and proximity, for its roots and origins and for surprising and pleasing a customer who, after trying them, will want to return.

What, JW Marriott hotel, Calle Sevilla, 2 Madrid

After winning 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol Suns with Coke, the
sandoval brothers They have found a new restaurant in the recently inaugurated JW Marriott hotel where they can enjoy a gastronomic experience in which tradition and product are the hallmarks.

Brioche with clarified butter and 10 grams of Beluga caviar from Qu./ AFL

In Qué we find a menu full of gastronomy classics that never go out of style, such as
Fillet Wellingtonrenewed creations such as the morel stew with poached egg and foie gras and ideal proposals for this time of year, such as shrimp carpaccio, with its essence, jalapeño and ginger.

Brioche with clarified butter and Iranian beluga caviar, baked sea bass Bilbao style or creamy rice with vegetables and seasonal mushrooms are other dishes that we can enjoy in a
elegant setting in which careful attention and customer enjoyment are the ultimate goal.

Basque, Radisson Red hotel, Calle Atocha 123, Madrid

Backed by the success of the restaurant that the hotel company has in Seville, and the impeccable curriculum of
Eneko Atxa, the Radisson Red in Madrid has renewed its gastronomic offer, betting on Basque. The restaurant in which the renowned chef proposes traditional Basque recipes in which flavour, intensity and identity are present in each dish.

Farmhouse egg yolk on Basque wheat stew. /


With a menu on the grill, it is the key element when it comes to cooking meat, fish and vegetables, many have already opted for its tasting menu. Made up of seven passes, six in their
vegetarian versionand with a very tight price, 55 euros, it is a magnificent option when it comes to living the essence of the Biscayan chef’s proposal.

Tomato stem, foie curd and lemongrass, marinated scallop and sea ice are the starters of this menu that has turned farmhouse egg yolk over wheat stew into
one of my new favorite dishes from many clients. Hake in tempura and smoked prey close the savory side of the tasting menu, which culminates, how could it be otherwise, with goxua with caramel ice cream for dessert. An experience that you will want to repeat.

Abya, Saldaña Palace, Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 32, Madrid

with the chef
Aurelio Morales In front, this gastronomic reference to take into account in the Salamanca neighborhood combines art and gastronomy with a proposal in which the cuisine of the world connects with Latin America to offer the client dishes that are as original as they are tasty.

Mediterranean red tuna sashimi pizzas and wasabi e Abya vinaigrette. /afl.

Grilled avocado with seasoned eggplant and coconut with minced chili peppers, acorn-fed ham croquettes, black cod balls, or the
surprising Japanese Wagyu salad A-5 blown These are some of the dishes that we find on a universal menu in which the list of what you want to try never ends. And all accompanied by a winery where the possibilities are endless and are backed by the know-how of a great team.