This engineer earns 315,000 euros a year thanks to teleworking in 3 simultaneous positions


This engineer balances his work responsibilities and meetings and is confident in his ability to adapt and find solutions to keep his multitasking approach under wraps.

Joseph, a 48-year-old network engineer from Texas, has accomplished something pretty impressive—depending how you look at it—by working simultaneously in 3 full-time remote jobs and earn a total of $344,000 per year (about 315,000 euros).

Although the workload is starting to take a toll on him, Joseph says the extra income has made a big difference for his family and he plans to continue his work as long as possible.

The story began in early 2020, when he accepted a new telecommuting job in the information technology (IT) field at a salary of $120,000 a year, while already holding a job that paid $117,500 a year. Convinced by a friend, he decided to try working both jobs simultaneously, believing it was feasible due to the low workload in his starting position.

The strategy worked and he was able to balance both jobs for several months. However, when his second job underwent changes that could jeopardize his position, Joseph decided to look for a third job opportunity. In February 2022, he accepted a full-time job in IT that offered a salary of €120,000 a year.

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315,000 euros thanks to 3 simultaneous jobs… in secret

Although at the beginning the third job also required a significant workload, over time the situation changed and he was able to maintain all 3 jobs perfectly. He works approximately 40 hours a week in total, with a few extra hours in the evenings.

Of course his real name is not Joseph and he has wanted to keep his identity a secret due to possible employment repercussions. He acknowledges that the pace of work is grueling and he’s not sure how much longer he can keep up.

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However, It is motivated by 2 main factors. First, you want to make sure your children are debt-free in their lives, and second, you want to maintain the job stability you’ve built, especially in uncertain economic times.

While acknowledging that this approach to work raises especially ethical questions and the fear of being found out, he believes that the economic benefits and financial freedom he has gained are worth it.

As for the future, she is considering leaving her first 2 jobs to focus on her third, which she sees as her true passion and offers more opportunities for career growth in her field of expertise.