Elon Musk’s The Boring Company aims to create tunnels to transport large trucks


It’s been more than three years since this Elon Musk company, The Boring Company, pursues the creation of fast tunnels to relieve traffic congestion in large cities in the United States. Tunnels about 3 meters in diameter through which cars are transported from one point to another in the city of Los Angeles.

According to a Bloomberg article, the company has set a new, larger goal: to create tunnels for larger vehicles. With about 6 meters in diameterthese new tunnels would allow the transport of large trucks with goods, another key element in the saturation of traffic.

This leap into the business transport market could mean a great advance for the company, by becoming a key service to speed up delivery and collection times for many other companies. The Boring Company boasts that its tunnels are faster than the train reaching the up to 150 mph (241 km/h).

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In addition to speed, these tunnels promise to take a good number of people from one point to another with zero emissions. Not only do you want to reduce traffic congestion, but you want to make it more environmentally friendly transportation and reduce pollution in cities like Los Angeles.

They have recently inaugurated another tunnel of more than 2 kilometers in Las Vegas for passengers. But the goal is to create massive tunnels where more people can travel in less time. According to The Verge, The Boring Company affirms that it will be possible to transport 5,000 people per hour, while the one in Las Vegas allows 4,400 people. However, a TechCrunch report suggests that company documents show a much lower figure of 1,200 people per hour.

Between the massive tunnels for passengers and the possible tunnels for freight, The Boring Company proposes to move most of the traffic to underground routes where the speeds are increasingly faster.