The best exercises to speed up metabolism and lose weight after 40


Sara Flamenco

speed up metabolism is one of the keys to
lose weight faster, especially as we get older. To achieve this you can resort to certain
food (for example
infusions) or spend some time doing
sportthus absorbing all their

There are some
exercises They speed up metabolism more than others. Don’t think it’s about
routines very complex, they are very simple exercises that involve
large muscle groups, which helps your body burn more calories even when it’s

We don’t bother you anymore. Here you have
the four best exercises to speed up your metabolism and help you
burn calories faster:

jump rope

Jump to the
camber It is an aerobic exercise that involves the whole body and, therefore, allows you to burn
calories in a very short time. It is one of the most
complete that exist since, in addition to increasing the
pulsations soon,
tones up muscles and accelerates
metabolism so the effect
fat burner continues hours after the end of training.

It also helps to train the
coordination and, despite the fact that it seems that the
legs are the ones that benefit the most from the activity, the movement that is carried out when jumping affects the whole
upper body composed by
arms, abdomen, trunk and pectoral. As for the lower body, the
calves and ankles They are the ones that work the most but the quadriceps are also involved.

Being such an exercise
demandingThe sessions must be very short. Series of
one minute at most, resting
30 seconds between each of them. By practicing three times a week, the results will appear in
Little time.

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squats are a full-body activity that help
lose weight and speed up the metabolism, since they are strength exercises that activate large
muscle groups, effective for burning calories, getting rid of
fat and reduce the risk of disease.

Although it may be thought that with this exercise you only work the
bottom of the body, especially
thighs and buttocksdoing squats well done can
tone up the whole body and even prevent injuries by improving the

It is best to start making them using simply
own body weight, without adding any additional resistance. Later, when the movements are mastered, they will be much more effective if we add some small
weights or dumbbells.

To do them correctly, you must stand up, with the
Straight back, feet open to the width of the shoulders and feet facing outwards. With
the firm abdomen, you have to go down to 90 degrees, reaching until the thighs are
parallel to the ground and then go back up to the starting position.

Squats are one of the exercises that speed up the metabolism the most. /

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ironin all its modalities, is one of the most functional exercises, since it works the
core as a whole, made up of the muscle groups that comprise
abs, back, hips, pelvis and buttocks. It is an easy exercise that can be done at home and with which it is possible to speed up the
metabolism to burn more calories.

Although the planks seem like an exercise
simpleit is not so much, since they require a lot of
concentration and strength to maintain the position. This great effort, accelerate your
metabolism since it forces the heart to work much faster and causes the
muscles demand much more energy, which translates into burning

To perform them correctly you only have to hold your body (fully
straightfrom the neck to the ankles) with the hands and feet resting on the floor and maintain the position for at least
20 seconds. Do 10 reps if you’re just starting out and increase the time to
60 seconds with 15 repetitions if you are already in good physical shape.

mountain climber

This is an exercise in
High intensity with which the whole body works. As it is an exercise
calisthenics (only own weight is used), system demands
cardiorespiratory and metabolic level are very important, which can help us achieve the goals of
Loss of fat What are we searching for.

To do it correctly, you have to start in the position of
iron and place your hands on the floor directly below your shoulders. You must maintain the
hips parallel to the ground and feet back and together. Next, you have to take the
knees towards the chest vigorously, alternating legs on each
repetition. Throughout the exercise, the
shoulders on the wrists and not let the
hips get up