How to know right now if the 2022/23 Income Statement will pay or return

Dear reader, if you are a good person and the arrival of the Income campaign worries you, we have very good news. And there is a website that allows you to know in advance if this year you will pay or return.

Thanks to the Treasury website, it is already possible to know if your 2022/23 income statement will be paid or returned. This free simulator is very easy to use, and in a matter of minutes it allows you to know what your result will be in this year’s income statement.

For it, you just have to enter your personal and financial information in the form on the website, which is very easy to complete. If you wonder if this is safe, don’t worry, it is managed by the Ministry of Finance itself.

Of course, with the web you will leave doubts as to whether this year’s income statement will be paid or returned. Yes, there are people who cannot wait for the few weeks that remain for the 22/23 Income Campaign to start.

To return or to pay? Get rid of doubts in minutes

This income simulator was launched a few days ago, and it has already become a very useful and valuable tool for thousands of people who have wanted to anticipate when making their declaration.

It is important to remember that the deadline to file the income statement is June 30 of this year, so having this simulator in advance can be a great advantage depending on the case.

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Besides, If the result of the simulator indicates that it pays off, you can plan your budget in advance and not get unpleasant surprises.

For all of the above, it is advisable to use said page and make use of the 2022/23 income simulator. Of course, nobody assures us that the final data is exactly the same as that of the final declaration, there are always zeros that can be moved from one side to the other.