Leg curl: how to start with a perfect exercise to tone glutes and calves


Tamara Villa

leg curls is an isolation exercise that targets the back of the leg. It can be performed in a variety of positions and is a great addition to most lower body strength training exercises. you will have some
scandalous buttocks and calves.

At work
hamstrings are involved (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus) and calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles). When you put your feet back down,
the buttocks are also activated (buttock muscles), thighs (quadriceps) and the front of the shins (tibialis anterior). A job of the highest level, do not doubt it.

How to do leg curls well

Actually, it is a very simple exercise. The first thing is to lie face down on the
curl machine stretching the legs completely. The roller pad should rest just above your heels, a few inches above your calves. Grasp the stand handles on each side of the machine.

Exhale and bend the knees, pulling the ankles as close to the buttocks as possible. Keep the
hips firmly seated on the bench and then remain in that position for a moment. Finally, inhale as you return your feet to the starting position in a slow, controlled movement.

Woman training/PEXELS

You can use your toes to help target your hamstrings or calves throughout the movement. Dorsiflex the toes (curling them in toward the shin)
engages the hamstringswhile performing a plantar flexion isolates the calf muscles.

Benefits of leg curls

Strong and flexible hamstrings are essential for
strength, balance and endurance in general. Research has also linked hamstring strength to better athletic performance, particularly training and sprint-based movements.

But working the hamstrings isn’t just beneficial in the gym. Conditioning these muscles can also help you
avoid injuries in daily activities that involve the use of the lower body. This includes everyday things like playing with the kids, completing chores, doing yard work, and more. Strength and flexibility in this muscle group will also help as your body ages, especially if you are prone to knee problems, joint pain, or back pain.

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Common mistakes

It is necessary to develop the
proper technique to get all the benefits of the leg curl. For example, if the padded lever is too high for the calves, this can put pressure on the Achilles tendon and reduce range of motion. The first time you try it, it is advisable to have a trainer or fitness instructor show you the correct position and help you adjust the pad.

To correctly execute a leg curl,
always start with a lighter weight. It’s not good to force your body to overcompensate by lifting your hips and flexing your lower back. This fails to isolate the calves and hamstrings and can cause back injuries.

Select a weight that allows you to do
8 to 12 repetitions with reasonable effort and good technique. If you want to build muscle mass, gradually increase the amount of weight as you get stronger. Keep in mind, however, that if your goal is to increase power and performance, overloading the weights is not a good idea.

As always, the best is
talk to your doctor before beginning a weight training program. If you work with a physical therapist or trainer, consult with them for guidance on using the leg curl machine and when you’re ready to gain weight.