International Hamburger Day: from smash burgers to gourmet, the 7 restaurants you have to visit in Madrid to enjoy it


Aloña Fdez. Larrechi

It is impossible to understand world gastronomy without the hamburger, that German invention that was popularized by the Americans and is so popular, so desired and, lately, so renewed. And today we want to celebrate the
International Burger Day taking you to the hamburger restaurants that you have to know in Madrid and that, in many cases, have recently joined the culinary offer of the city.

Because many restaurants are opening in the capital, but in recent months what has been going on is opening a new hamburger. And more specifically those that they offer to their clients
smash burgers, with the meat crushed. But we also have gourmet burgers, tuna burger and even the taste of a burger without a burger.

And just like the meat in hamburgers no longer understands thickness, even for those who like them rare, they also do not understand ingredients, because the locals have also put their batteries into this culinary section and many of them already have
vegan options. Take note because you are going to hear about these gastro proposals that you are going to love.

Peaceful. Conde de Xiquena street, 2.

For 8 months, Pierre Antoine Chevalier has been running this business in which the smash burger is the queen of the party and its
dip Pacific the perfect companion. The French businessman decided on this version of the famous dish “because I like it and everyone else likes it” but also because “it’s not complicated and anyone can do it”. Although maybe not as well as the three guys who work with him inside the bar.

Pacífico’s vegan burger. /DR

In this place located very close to Gran Vía, with chairs made from coke boxes, neutral colors and exposed brick, we can enjoy two different recipes, the classic and the pacific (which is the most requested), as well as the vegan option. . To accompany her, some
chips cut by hand that come with their sauce, a secret and delicious recipe with which you will lick your fingers.

The mission. Jose Silva Street, 22.

Hamburgers are not made only from meat and in this
restaurant close to Arturo Soria know it well. And they celebrate it, because in the latest edition of Best Burger Spain their Tuna Turner Burger won the Audacious award for the most original hamburger in Spain. Because the center of attention of this surprising creation by chef Manuel Fernández is a 150-gram tuna steak sealed with sesame.

Inside the brioche bread the tuna is accompanied by avocado, wakame seaweed,
mayonnaise of sriracha and pickle. A fresh recipe with a spicy point that is ideal to eat in the hottest months or when we want to enjoy this delicious fish in a different way. It comes with some chips and is also available for delivery and take away.

Frankie Burgers. Calle Ponzano 46 and Espronceda 17.

After starting his journey in Alcalá de Henares three years ago, Frankie Burgers has just opened a second location in Madrid and for a reason. That something is its varied, original and super appetizing hamburgers, so much so that they don’t stop collecting awards. The last one, that of the second best hamburger in Spain in Delivery by Best Burgers Spain with its Frankie Cheese Bacon that arrives accompanied by
bacon natural smoked and melted American cheese.

Some of Frankie Burgers’ hamburgers. / dr.

The Super Frankie Cheese, with 250 grams of meat, was already recognized in 2022, but if the awards are the least of it for you, you have a lot to choose from and a wide variety. All of them are made up of 160 grams of tasty meat and the original is accompanied by cheddar cheese,
pickles, onion and Frankie sauce. The Barbacoa has the same sauce, the Willy Cheese, is ideal for the most cheese lovers of goat cheese, and the guacamole, comes with a delicious homemade guacamole.

Vegans also have a place here to enjoy a delicious burger, and
celiac They can enjoy all the options on the menu with gluten-free bread. To accompany all of them, of course, they have some delicious French fries that undoubtedly contribute to round off the gastronomic experience.

Milwaukee. Manuela Malasaña Street, 9

If the universe of hamburgers seems infinite, that of smash burgers may also be because in this place in Malasaña, which pays homage to the city in the state of Wisconsin known for its beers, the hamburgers are cooked, and crushed, with

Milwaukee’s most requested smash burger bearing his name. /


With bacon, with cheese or the one that bears the name of the place, and it is the most sold, are the three possibilities for carnivores, who will enjoy their meat to the point but also the ingredients that accompany it, including a succulent
poached onion. With a vegan option and three possibilities of chicken sandwiches on its menu, the fries can be classic or with spices with a touch of spiciness.

Abya. Ortega y Gasset Street, 32.

Who said burgers weren’t fancy? Because they can be, and proof of this is Aurelio Morales’s burger, it is such an enjoyable creation that from the moment you try it, it remains etched in your memory. And it is that its 100 grams of authentic
wagyu beef brought from Kagoshima (Japan) take this famous sandwich to another level.

Abya’s succulent burger. /


Served with homemade brioche bread made with a touch of tomato and oregano and toasted with butter, this exclusive meat is accompanied by an Iberian bacon veil with
smoked cheese of Pria. Finally, the Abya sauce, a personal version of the burger sauce, with ketchup made with tomato smoked in josper. The result is a tasty creation in which all its ingredients take the word hamburger to another level.

Pink’s. Various locations in Madrid.

With 8 stores in Madrid, one of them
gluten-free, Pink’s is one of the most requested smash burgers in the city. His proposal is as simple as it is successful, with two different versions, the classic or the one with the secret recipe and French fries to accompany it.

Pinks smash burgers are one of the most requested in Madrid. /


In this section we can opt for those of a lifetime or those that are accompanied with the dressing
smoked and a little spicy from Espicy, the brand of sauces and seasonings that Juan and Andrés Casanova, parents of Pink’s, are also the creators of.

Malvon. Various locations in Madrid.

Can you want to eat a hamburger without eating a hamburger? It is possible, because in the chain of
empanadas The most well-known Argentinean, with franchises throughout Spain, has opted for the smash burger as a new flavor for this spring.

The Malvón smash burger empanada. /


Its recipe consists of a selection of meat cooked smash style, bacon and cheddar, and all of this is bathed in a
special sauce whose recipe is secret. And the result is surprising. And addictive.