The most beautiful (and cheapest) Zara Home deco novelties for spring-summer: beautiful tables, colorful textiles and very versatile auxiliary furniture

Ana Calvo

The saying goes that “until May 40, don’t take off your tunic”, and the revolution in thermometers in recent days only confirms popular wisdom. But despite the rain and the drop in temperatures after an excessively warm start to the season, our mood is brimming
good time and we are ready (ready, go!) to get dressed and
dress our house with the deco novelties of spring-summer. The first stop? Newcomers to Zara Home.

Color takes over completely
the new from Zara Home and it becomes the true protagonist of a cheerful, functional proposal with retro overtones that invites us to enjoy a magazine house. The
textiles are, once again, the great stars of the spring-summer collection, but also the
ornaments that capture all eyes, the
exquisite pieces of kitchenware and auxiliary furniture versatile that will allow us to combine functionality and style.

The Zara Home x Cabana embroidered tablecloth costs 139 euros. The napkins, 15.99 euros and the glass vases, 9.99 euros. The brown clay pot costs 35.99 euros. /


The pleasure of good cuisine

As the expert Beatriz Satrústegui told Mujerhoy, “setting a good table is a reflection of us (…) You tell a story, because you try to evoke something, create sensations.” Perhaps for this reason, Zara Home has focused a large part of its deco collection for spring-summer on
the beautiful tables and full of details, from the textiles to the kitchenware.

The collaboration of Zara Home and Cabana gives incredible results. The tablecloth costs 139 euros; the pieces of glassware, from 7.99 euros and the plates, from 6.99 euros. /


The time of year, the celebration, the recipes that we prepare and, of course, the guests, influence when creating our little work of art. And the long conversations resulting from a carefully curated menu taking advantage of the good weather in the coming months will be the perfect excuse to ride
tables as spectacular as these from Zara Homein which the colorful printed tablecloths, the retro-inspired crockery, the mix&match in the glassware and the flowers, many flowers, are the main stars.

The heavyweight linen tablecloth costs 129 euros; embossed glass goblets, 3.99; the cutlery, 4.99 each piece and the retro bulrush islands, 129 euros.

A nice and well laid table «It is a tribute to the guest, it is hospitality, it is to tell the guest ‘I care about you’, because the good host is generous, and you have to think about the one in front of you. The worst mistake is not trying, not playing and not participating”, Satrústegui recommended us.

The living room, the center of the house

And if the table is the place around which social life is articulated this spring-summer,
the living room will once again become the leading space for the deco trends that are sweeping Zara Home. In this case, the explosion of color gives way to a
warm and functional minimalism that invites us to relax.

The book ‘Arranging things’ by Coling King costs 49 euros; auxiliary lamps with earthenware and ceramic bases are available from 59 euros; the rug costs from 199 euros) (depending on the size); and the linen cushion covers, 12.99 euros. /


The simple lines, the neutral colours, the retro reminiscences (from the mid century to the curvy trend), the natural materials, the wood and the ornaments that capture all eyes are the common thread of the Zara Home proposal for decorating
our salons this spring-summer.

The photographs of Rosa Park cost 129 euros. /


source of inspiration? A look at the past in terms of aesthetics, but with re-updated shades of modernity that can be seen both in the styles, as well as in the colors and materials. And, once again, author stamps that make a difference, such as Rosa Park’s paintings, or the urban airs of the New York loft of the artist Colin King, a regular collaborator of Zara Home.

Louis-Geraud Castor’s floral proposal for Zara Home.

Key parts: in great detail(s)

Zara Home launches this season a special collaboration with the Parisian florist Louis-Geraud Castor and proposes that we fill our house with flowers, colour, aromas and life now that the sun and good weather invite us to do so. “The color is essential, the aroma appears almost by accident,” she says, and everything is filled with roses, lilies, peonies, daffodils or tulips in an incredible sensory explosion.

The braided magazine rack costs 49.99 euros; the decorated ceramic plates, 9.99 euros and the candlestick, 15.99 euros.

But if the flowers bring color and life to the rooms, they also
the decorations that make the difference and that, once again, are among our favourites. Candles, ceramic pieces, books, auxiliary lamps, retro-inspired details… And the mix&match (of styles, materials and colors) works. Word of Zara Home.