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Talking about the weather has gone from being a banal topic, with which to fill the silence that invades the elevator when you coincide with your neighbor, to being the variable that determines the cost of electricity. At least, it is the main argument that the Government has used to explain the increase in the kilowatt hour (kwh) a few weeks agoand that caught us on the coldest days of winter.

While we try – with little luck – to unravel the mystery behind the electricity bill; o We wait for the use of renewable energies to be promoted; The time has come to look for solutions to improve energy savings, and minimize the impact that these increases have on our domestic economy. Automating some of the actions you usually do at home, and doing it efficiently, is a good start.

Programming the heating to maintain the optimal temperature, controlling the intensity of the lights or knowing which appliances use the most energy is now possible, without having to make a large outlay or have advanced knowledge of electronics.

Home automation systems will now become your great allywhile you wait for the course of the wind to change or contrast with the neighbor from the third how long it has been since it rained and how expensive the light has become.

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In this new issue of Personal Computer & Internet we tell you how to use home automation to improve the well-being of your home, its security and save on your bills. What options are already on the market and how to create your own home automation system with Arduino and RaspberryPi. And all this without spending more than necessary.

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