Power clean, the advanced CrossFit exercise that improves strength, activates muscles and accelerates metabolism


Tamara Villa

The power clean is an advanced exercise that requires many muscle groups and coordinated skills. Newcomers to this exercise should place themselves in the hands of a
qualified preparer to learn proper mechanics before adding it to a total body strength routine. You will work all your muscles and add strength.

This exercise can help athletes who want
improve vertical jumping skills and improve explosive movements in sports and overall performance. But if you are not an athlete, do not worry because its many benefits will undoubtedly help you in your CrossFit preparation.

For example, the power clean
builds lower body strength needed to lift or move heavy objects. When done correctly, it can help you develop a strong and healthy posture, which can be helpful for people who are on their feet all day.

This move also helps
develop shoulder and upper back muscles. Strong upper body muscles allow you to perform pushing and pulling movements or when lifting and carrying heavy objects. However, this is an advanced exercise, keep an eye on it.

How to do a good power clean

There are several phases involved in executing the power clean and the first is to position yourself in
good posture, standing tall with feet hip-width apart while placing the bar at your feet. If your flexibility is limited, use a lift or blocks to raise the bar so you can reach it more easily.

Woman doing Crossfit/PEXELS

Lower your body to one
squat and grasp the bar with the palms of the hands towards the legs. Your hands are apart from your shins, slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Lengthen your spine so you don’t feel slouched. The back remains straight and strong throughout the exercise. Look forward and engage your core.

Raise the bar as you stand up, keeping the weight close to your body, as if you are pulling the bar across your shins and above your knees. Continue lifting until
the bar is at the height of the thighs. The back remains straight with the shoulders over the hips. Ankles, knees, and hips are fully aligned. Keep your core engaged and your back strong.

bend your knees slightly to prepare for the next quick succession of moves. Push your hips forward in one powerful movement to pull the bar up to your chest. This explosive move may involve lifting the balls of your feet; these can even come off the ground slightly.
Raise your shoulders to build strength as you pull the bar through the final leg of this movement. Bend your elbows and bring them forward to prepare for the next phase.

Pull your body under the bar as you continue to lift. Your
elbows will move forward (under the bar) and your shoulders will ‘roll’, as if your shoulder blades are pulling down and back. Get into a quarter squat position, keeping your back strong and your posture upright.

Woman doing Crossfit/PEXELS

Grab the bar so it rests on the front of your shoulders, and stand up with your weight solidly on the front of your shoulders.
Lower the weight to the ground in a slow and controlled manner. As you get fitter and gain weight, ask your trainer to review your technique.

Common mistakes

Performing a power clean safely depends on making sure the technique is correct. You may feel more comfortable and stable when starting
putting your feet further apart, but it is important to keep them only at hip distance. If you jump slightly during the capture phase, it’s common to take a wider stance, something to avoid.

If you’re not lifting a lot of weight, the smaller plates can bring the bar closer to the ground. You’re likely to round out the back if you can’t easily reach the bar. The use of
risers under each weight plate pull the bar closer so you can maintain a flat back.

If you’re lifting the right amount of weight and still feel like you’re arching your back, check to make sure you’re
engaging your core in every phase of this exercise. Core stability protects your back and helps prevent injury. If you’re lifting too heavy, it’s easy to arch your back in almost any phase of this exercise.