Six easy exercises to lose fat and tone your body in just 15 days


Sara Flamenco

It seems that we have finally realized that the
sport is something essential, not only for our
health, but also to have the body that we have always wanted to have. Of course to follow a
balanced diet is another fundamental pillar, but doing sports regularly is just as important and one thing is not
effective without the other

But depending on what your goal is, you should follow a
Training plan or another. You don’t have to do the same if you want
lose fat than to gain muscle mass. The workouts to lose fat and lose weight have to be workouts where the
pulsations be high to speed up the
metabolism and thus burn more. Before they assured that to achieve it it was worth carrying out
cardio exercises, but it has been discovered that the ideal is to combine it with
force work.

following a
balanced diet and training in this way about four times a week, you will begin to see results from the
15 dayssince at the beginning you will begin to eliminate the retained liquids and then the burning of

write these down
six exercises that cannot be missing in your training routine to
lose fat. Not only are they easy to do, but you can do them comfortably in your
homewithout the need to go to the gym and lose a
time which maybe you don’t have:

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jumping jacks

This exercise works globally on the
large muscle groups, thus activating the body completely. They are carried out by coordinating
arms and legs simultaneously, separating legs by means of a jump at the same time that we raise the arms laterally above the head.

jumping jacks provide cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, improving the
oxygenation of blood and tissues. Depending on the intensity with which you perform them and your physical condition, you can burn approximately
350 calories for 30 minutes of exercise.

Shuffle (side step)

This exercise is intended to strengthen
thighs and buttocks comprehensively, actively working on
quadricepsthe gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the

To do it correctly you must stand up, with your feet parallel and your torso upright while you contract your knees.
ABS. Next, move one leg to the side and plant the foot on the ground while bending the knee and lowering the body. He
thigh of the displaced leg must be parallel to the ground and always
foot and knee They must point in the same direction.

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burpee born from the union of
push ups chest, the
squats and the
jumps vertical and with it you work the
abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs. Allows you to tone and increase muscle mass in less time, which can contribute to accelerating the

Start by placing yourself in
squatting and then place your hands on the ground keeping your head up. Then he moves the
legs back with your feet together and do a
flexion until touching the ground with the chest. Then pick up the legs again to return to the
initial position. To finish, lift your entire body up
vertical jump raising hands and giving a
slap overhead.

squat with press

This exercise is one of the best to work the body in its
whole. By having the
dumbbells on the shoulders or the
bar in front of the body, the legs are worked when performing the
arms and the
abdomen. In addition, it helps to increase the burning of
calories because it requires the participation of several parts of the body at the same time.

It can be done with both
dumbbells in each hand as with a
bar with discs on the sides. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out, and
weight chosen in the hands. Push your hips back and lower yourself into a standing position.
squatting, doing a squat. Returning to the starting position,
raise your arms with the weight above your head and lower them back down before starting the lift again.

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push ups

push ups It is one of the most typical and complete exercises since it increases the
force and not only in the upper train. In addition, it stimulates and accelerates the metabolism, like all the exercises with which
body weight. And, above all, it improves our posture and postural hygiene.

Get in position to
ironwith the hands separated the width of the shoulders, the fingers separated and the tips of the feet resting on the floor maintaining the
straight and firm body. Lower slowly, bending your elbows out (if you want to work your
triceps you would keep your arms close to your body) until your chest almost touches the ground and returns to the starting position.


This is a very
easy to carry out but at the same time very complete, since you set in motion different
muscles of the body and the work that is done with it is very effective. Help to
tone up the whole body, since it activates the muscles of the
arms, legs, abdomen and backand especially the hamstrings.

To do it correctly you must place yourself
standing with your legs open, making sure that your feet are at shoulder or hip height. You then start to
tilt the body forward and you go down until you rest your hands on the ground, in front of your feet. From here, you start
advance with arms and hands to the front, first forming a
triangle with the body and then extending it until it is in the position of
iron and with a straight back.