Stability ball, the accessory to work strength and tone the abdomen after 40


Tamara Villa

Fitness fads come and go, but every once in a while a trend comes along that really makes sense. One of these is the stability ball, a new approach to improving core strength and functional training that involves strengthening your core for better workouts and fewer injuries.
you will work better strength and abs without getting bored.

The exercise ball is an already popular and useful tool for
improve core strength. Physical therapists have used it for years, but fitness experts now know it’s one of the best ways to
strengthen your core and back musclesas well as increase stability.

Choosing a stability ball

Before you buy a ball, make sure it’s from
suitable size for your height. To try it out, sit on the ball and make sure your hips are level with or slightly higher than your knees. If you are overweight, look for an exercise ball that is impact resistant and can accommodate your weight.

Woman sitting on stability ball/PEXELS

The good thing is that you can buy an exercise ball almost anywhere: sporting goods stores, online stores, or even gyms. And another important aspect is that the
you can use it at home and adapt it to multiple exercises according to your needs or goals.

The most effective movements are simple and easy to follow exercises, such as ball twists, balances, walking and walking with the ball… Using this accessory is perfect if you have not had much experience with additions and want to
work your whole body in a simple and fun way.

How to get the most out of your exercise ball

The exercise ball challenges you by placing your body in an unstable environment. When you lie on the ball,
your legs and abdominal muscles immediately go to work to prevent you from falling. Add an exercise like a chest press or crunch to increase the intensity of the movement.

The stability ball is versatile enough to
use for almost anything, including weight training. Use this plugin as your new “weight bench” to add difficulty to movements and engage your leg, gluteal, and abdominal muscles. Pick it up or move it around your body.

It is also
very useful for training your core. Doing crunches, twists, and other traditional ball exercises adds difficulty to the movement by engaging more muscles in this core workout. if your goal is
have a flat stomachit can be a fantastic addition.

Woman exercising with ball/PEXELS

And another great thing: just sitting on an exercise ball can be a
challenge for your core itself and a great way to improve your posture when sitting at a computer or watching TV. Practice sitting on it, lifting one foot off the ground and keeping your balance.

The stability ball is also
great for stretching out and relaxing And it is not surprising that it is one of the favorite accessories among people who have incorporated the practice of disciplines such as yoga or Pilates into their routine. It improves concentration in addition to demanding more from the physique.

Yoga ball exercises allow you to
work balance and stability without the need for advanced exercises or intense. In fact, this simple tool can help you work all areas of your body as you become more familiar with the unstable surface of the ball.