The 5 best hiking trails in Spain


Elena Romero Vargas

There’s nothing like making one
hiking route to fully enjoy nature while you see spectacular landscapes. It does not matter if you are already an initiate in the matter or, simply, this activity is a hobby that you practice occasionally. Whatever your level or your motivation, there is a hiking route for you. And the Spanish geography is full of them.

Whether you are one of those who prefer to get lost among dream forests and straight paths, or if you are looking for a little more action and adventure in more unusual places, or if, on the contrary, you want something quiet to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, in Spain you will be able to find beautiful hiking routes adapted to your tastes. we bring you
the five most beautiful routes so that you take note and set up the great weekend nature plan that you are looking for.

Borosa River, Sierra de Cazorla /


Borosa river route, Sierra de Cazorla

In the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park is one of the most breathtaking routes in the country. It is the Borosa River route, which has a total of 22 kilometers that takes approximately 7 hours to travel. However, this journey
walkways, waterfalls and pools it can be enjoyed from start to finish without having to complete the tour, making it the perfect plan for those who simply want to spend a different day.

The most spectacular aspect of this route is, without a doubt, the
turquoise color of its river, waterfall and pools of water, which you can enjoy while you walk along its walkways and have limestone mountains as a backdrop. This route is low intensity, so it is suitable for the whole family or for those who do not want a high intensity route. You will be able to enjoy incomparable views without making an excessive effort.

Saliencia Lakes, Somiedo /


Route through the lakes of Saliencia, Somiedo

That Asturias has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country is no secret, and this route that invites us to discover the Saliencia lakes is proof of that. It is a circular route through the
heart of the Somiedo Natural Park of rather low difficulty that will allow you to enjoy the wonders that its landscape wants to give you.

Along the way you will come across spectacular images of
crystal clear lakes that reflect the meadows and mountains that surround them. In this place named Natural Monument, it is also very common to find animals and cattle that graze freely there and that will complete the experience of a getaway through nature.

Irati Forest, Larrau /


Irati Forest, Larrau

One of the great attractions that Navarra has is the Selva de Irati, a unique forest in Spain where you can enter a
magical environment where you can live nature to the fullest. Best of all, you can discover the Irati Forest through hiking trails prepared for it. It is the plan needed by those who are looking to spend a few days of absolute calm among trees of all kinds and lakes in which to take a refreshing bath.

You can choose the route according to your physical condition or the level of effort you feel like doing at the moment. But, whatever your option, do not doubt that you are going to see landscapes of those that are not easily forgotten, with
waterfalls, caves or panoramic views that will take your breath away even if you choose an easy level route.

Yuste Monastery, Cáceres /


Route of Carlos V, Cáceres

The route of Carlos V or the Emperor’s route commemorates his journey from Jarandilla de la Vera to the Yuste Monastery. This 10 kilometer route is especially worth the
first weekend of February, when this historical fact is commemorated and the departure of the emperor is recreated. On Saturday the route is carried out on horseback and on Sunday, on foot.

This route is perfect for those who want to combine the plan of
hiking with a history and tourism lessonand it is that along the way you can find from impressive natural landscapes such as the Yedrón Gorge to architectural jewels such as the Hermitage of Cristo del Humilladero.

Camí de Cavalls, Menorca /


Camí de Cavalls, Menorca

If you don’t want to give up spending a few days off by the sea, your route is the Camí de Cavalls, a trail designed for
go around the island of Menorca by stages. It is a 185-kilometre historical trail that runs along the entire coastline of the island, passing through beautiful landscapes created by the work of nature and the human hand.

In addition, this path will take you to see a good part of the island’s coves, so if you decide to do it on foot and in stages, you can stop at one of them and have a
bath in the waters of the Mediterranean. If you want to get to know the island, sign up for this route because there is no better way to do it.