Mother’s Day 2023: The perfect restaurants and gastro proposals to surprise and excite the ones we love the most


Aloña Fdez. Larrechi

The first Sunday of May is approaching and with it the most special date for those we love the most, the
Mother’s Day. And although any day of the year is a good time to show our love, this is an essential date to do so. So we bring you the perfect restaurants and gastronomy proposals so that this important date is a special day.

Surprising her with a brunch, entertaining her with her favorite dessert or taking her to a trendy restaurant in Madrid are perfect alternatives to perfumes or
bouquets that always come well and succeed. Especially if you want to leave her speechless and that little detail leaves a great taste in her mouth.

So grab a pen and paper and take aim, because we bring you
culinary ideas that are perfect to make Mother’s Day a very special date.

Image of the brunch at the InterContinental Hotel, which has a special proposal for Mother’s Day. /DR

The InterContinental Hotel in Madrid, located at number 49 Paseo de la Castellana, has organized a very special celebration for May 7 in which it combines
gastronomy and beauty. Because together with the cosmetic firm Clarins they offer us an unforgettable plan with products, photocall and brunch included.

The event will also have live music, and in the hotel lobby, under its spectacular dome, we can enjoy more than 200 gastronomic references. Its sublime brunch is made up of seasonal products, a selection of
ibericos and cheesesa seafood section and a wide variety of rice dishes, complete with a space dedicated to haute confectionery that even has a hot chocolate fountain.

Clarins will gift all the mothers who come to the InterContinental Hotel to enjoy this appointment with a
Double Eye Serum, because “there is nothing like the look of a mother.” And to immortalize the moment, we can pose at the photocall and take the photos of this special day home with us.

One of Abya’s rooms, perfect for a family meal on Mother’s Day. /

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If what you are looking for is a special place to celebrate a meal
with the whole family Abya has become a must for Madrid lovers of good cuisine. Located in the Palacio de Saldaña, on Calle Ortega y Gasset 32, in front of this four-story restaurant is the renowned chef Aurelio Morales, who has created a quality gastronomic proposal for all tastes with which you will surely succeed. .

Each of its rooms has a spectacular decoration, which together with the excellent service will make our experience unforgettable. Gold or caviar croquettes,
homemade rice and pastavegan salads or signature sushi, Abya’s menu brings customers quality cuisine, surprising and full of flavor in which there is no shortage of ceviches along with the most classic fish, meats and “sweets that go to the heart”. .

With more than a thousand square meters divided into four floors, Abya is an ideal place that adapts to the needs of our celebration, whether it is going to be something intimate or if we are going to need a
private room in which to feel at home. And to accompany it we have his extensive wine list but also signature cocktails ideal for such a special day.

Urrechu Velázquez’s “pink room”, an ideal place to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The “pink room” by Urrechu Velázquez is another of the ideal places to celebrate Mother’s Day this 2023. Inaugurated in autumn, this beautiful room with large windows that overlook a cozy garden has chairs, tables and rugs with a vibrant pastel pink, just like its armchairs and cushions. A cozy and charming space that is located at 150 Velázquez street and is ideal for capturing in
instagram such a special celebration.

On the table, a gastronomic proposal with the product as the protagonist, with a menu that has Basque-Navarrese cuisine as the main protagonist. Burrata salad with caviar, romesco and black olives, crab brioches and
bull’s tailHake with marine cream, octopus, cockles and oyster sauce or roasted pheasant breast and fresh pasta with truffle cream are some of the dishes that we find in Urrechu Velázquez, which also does not lack an impressive wine cellar with more than 300 wines and signature cocktails that complete the experience in pink.

The limited edition “Rosas” of Cervezas Alhambra for Mother’s Day. /


If what your mother likes is
celebrate at home with the whole family, we bring you several ideal drinks for any time of the date with which you will surely succeed. For beer lovers, Cervezas Alhambra has created a new limited edition “Rosas” from the Numbered Granada Series. A creation inspired by the origin of the brand and that is made with a selection of roses that evoke the aromas of the Alhambra and its gardens. An original, and enjoyable, way to give away this precious flower.

For the aperitif, if your mother is one of those who loves classics like vermouth, in Petroni you have a sure hit whether hers is red or white. And if you prefer to bet with a
came To accompany this very special date, you can bet on something fresh and elegant, like the Ysios Rosé or a white like the Caserío de Dueñas, from the Rueda designation of origin.

For those who prefer a sweet taste, Bodegas Bilbaínas has launched a Viña Albina Semidulce that, thanks to its fruity aromatic flavor and its balance of sugar and acidity, is perfect for
sweeten this special moment. Like Montecillo, who for this very special occasion have created a special pack and it is accompanied by Kankel Cacao truffles for both red and white.

And if what you want is to bet on a drink that accompanies the after-dinner meal, Disaronno has just launched Velvet, the
liqueur cream of low alcohol content that is going to become the drink of the summer. This new proposal combines the distinctive character of the almond-based liqueur with the creaminess and velvety notes of an elegant drink that enhances its flavor thanks to ice.

La Rosa de Madreamiga to celebrate Mother’s Day. /


Speaking of sweetening, if you want to leave the surprise for dessert, we have several proposals that will delight even the most greedy mothers. Like Motherfriend’s, the
workshop from Madrid that fuses tradition and avant-garde and that this year proposes its new creation, La Rosa.

It is a croissant dough made tart and topped with a glaze. A sweet in the shape of a bouquet of roses, puff pastry, with the flavor of
butter fresh from Normandy that is also ideal to enjoy as a snack or for breakfast, accompanied by a scoop of ice cream or grilled. It will be available at its store on Calle Teruel 26 and at the Mercado de San Miguel from May 5, as well as for delivery.

Luna & Wanda’s cheese and pistachio cake, a limited edition for the month of May. DR

And if what we are looking for is to put a cake on the table, in Luna & Wanda we will find one of the best
cheese cakes from Madrid. To its usual variety, with dulce de leche, white chocolate, milk chocolate or the classic, it has just joined an ideal variety for Mother’s Day. The one with Italian cheese and pistachio, which without losing the softness that characterizes it, reveals a delicious universe that will fascinate lovers of this dessert.

This creation will be available only during the month of May, also for those who prefer it
without gluten, in two sizes, six portions or twelve. It is advisable to place the order before 4:30 p.m. the day before, whether it is to be picked up at your store on Espronceda street or if it is going to be delivered to your home, especially on a date as marked as Mother’s Day .

Manolo Bakes’ proposal for Mother’s Day. /DR

We close this selection with a classic for family gatherings that also joins such a special celebration, the
manolitos by Manolo Bakes. Since May 4, the iconic boxes of these sweets are filled with flowery prints in different pastel colors, and within them the message to all mothers is clear: “Because you deserve it, period.”

But also, all those who buy one of the special Mother’s Day boxes between May 5 and 7 will be able to participate in the raffle for a
crockery with tray and individual coffee set (cup and saucer) designed by the artist Ana de la Cerda. A perfect creation to become the ideal companion for the manolitos and palmitas from the well-known confectionery firm.