The best exercises to lift the chest: superman, push ups, rowing with dumbbells…


Sara Flamenco

Over the years our
chest it falls, this is so. Yes, even if you have not had children, the
gravity and the loss of
firmness Skin (and ligaments) also affects you, but if you have been a mother and have breastfed, turn off and let’s go. But once again, the
exercise He comes to save us and just as he can help us to have a
flat stomach and ones
firm buttocksit can also contribute to raising our chest.

To see them
miracles does not exist, obviously, but before submitting to some more drastic measure, you can try to strengthen your
pectoral muscles, which will contribute to raising your breasts. Also, there are other things you can do to make
the results are enhanced:

– Date
cold water showers and moisturizes and massages the breasts to activate their circulation and improve the elasticity of their skin.

– When you train, use
suitable sports clothing to prevent the chest from impacts.

– Do not abuse
high-impact sports disciplinessuch as running, boxing or jumping rope.

If you already have all this under control, here are the
five most effective exercises to help you raise your chest. They are easy and you can make them at home, so no excuses:


This is a very
completesince it not only helps you raise the
chestbut it also prevents the pain of
backstrengthens the muscles of the
legs (especially hamstrings and glutes) and also works the

To do it correctly, lie down
face down with arms above head and legs fully extended. Activate the muscles of the
abdomen to stabilize the spine while simultaneously raising the
legs and the
arms a few inches off the ground, keeping your head and neck neutral. Hold this position for three to five seconds, then lower back to the starting position and repeat.

Photo by Logan Weaver on Unsplash

Push ups or push-ups

The push ups or push-ups are the exercise par excellence to achieve
pectorals of steel and, therefore, raise the
moms. In addition, this movement works other muscle groups of the
core and even the

To do it
flexion perfect you must keep your hands firm on the ground loading all the weight of the body in them and the
forearms vertical position. Make sure that the neck and back maintain a neutral position, activate the
abdomen and the
buttocks and lower the whole body in a block, without bending the back, nor
drop pelvis. The chest has to touch the ground, but descending
slowlywithout dropping. If you are a beginner, you can start with the
knees flat on the ground instead of standing position

Dumbbell Row

the oar with
dumbbells works the most important muscles of the back, as well as the arms, being the
biceps one of the most benefited. When working the
position is corrected, walking more upright and thus making the
chest rises.

To do it correctly, stand up, flex your
knees and advance one leg without stretching it. She leans a little
torso and grab a dumbbell. With her arm outstretched, she brings the dumbbell to the
chest while the other arm rests on the opposite leg. Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

The most effective exercises to lift the chest. /

Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

Chest press with elastic band

The purpose of this exercise is to train the
pectoralswhich is what gets the
mother rises. But not only that, but it also involves other muscles in the anterior area of ​​the
shoulder (anterior deltoids) and
tricepsthus avoiding
bat wings.

Anchor the elastic band to a
walltake a grip with each hand and step away from the
anchor point with one leg ahead of the other and the feet facing forward. She brings her hands forward with her arms outstretched and slowly brings her arms behind her again, thinking of bringing her arms together.
scapulae and with the wrists in front of your elbows. When the scapulae are together, push the band forward by contracting the shoulders hard.
pectorals while you breathe out.

chest opening

Chest flyes work the muscles of the
chestthe pectoral
superior and the pectoral
lower. But not only that, since they also work (although to a lesser extent) the
back and the
armswhich help stabilize the dumbbells during the exercise.

Lie on your back (it is more comfortable on
a bankbut you can also do it on the ground) and keep the
dumbbells close to the chest. Next, raise the dumbbells over your chest with your arms straight. Slightly bending your elbows, lower your arms toward the floor.
in cross shape until you feel a slight stretch in the chest. The dumbbells should be at chest height at the sides. Go back to the starting position
tightening the chest and keep your elbows steady throughout the execution.