The famous cucumber diet that promises to lose seven kilos in seven days: benefits, risks and rebound effect


Tamara Villa

Although the
cucumbers are healthy, you may be wondering if the cucumber diet is really for you and is it going to help you lose weight in the long run, which is what interests you. Most versions of the diet claim that following it
between 7 and 14 days it can lead to a quick loss.

The plan consists mainly of
eat cucumbers along with some foods high in protein, such as eggs, chicken, fish, and nuts. He recommends replacing most foods with cucumbers, which means even other f
routes and vegetables must
be minimized.

There are no standard rules for the cucumber diet, beyond the recommendation to eat them at most meals. The diet advises that
every time you feel hungry eat a cucumber. The theory is that because they are low in calories, you can eat as many as you want and still have a
calorie deficit.

cucumbers are
low protein, a nutrient your body needs to maintain the health of your skin, muscles, and joints. For this reason, the diet recommends
combine cucumbers with some
protein-rich foods. Also, you can add some carbohydrates to meals, such as toast, brown rice or potatoes. And since diet rules vary, you can choose to be
more or less strict with the food you eat.

Does it help to lose weight?

No study has specifically looked at the cucumber diet. However, you can expect to lose weight while following it, as it is
very low in calories. However, this weight loss will only occur during
7 to 14 days, the duration of the diet. It is unlikely that you will lose a substantial amount of weight and keep it off once you resume your normal diet. And that is a problem.

restrictive diets are
hard to maintain long-term. Conversely, meal plans that are easy to implement and follow generally produce much better and more sustainable results. Studies show that a
diet less than 800 calories per day
it is not effective to lose weight in the long term. The more restrictive the diet, the more difficult it is to follow.

Women with cucumber in their eyes/PEXELS

Also, cucumbers only provide a
small amount of nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They lack protein, fat, fiber, calcium, iron, and many other nutrients needed for good health. Even if you add protein to every meal, it’s
unlikely that that
meet your needs daily due to the limited variety of food.

Disadvantages of the cucumber diet

Although you can lose weight temporarily, the
disadvantages of the diet outweigh any of its potential benefits. the cucumber diet
restricts most food groups and encourages eating mostly cucumbers for up to two weeks. This diet is not only
inadequate from the point of view
nutritionalbut also promotes
negative eating behaviorssuch as extreme diets, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Research shows that restrictive diets are a way of
disordered eating It can negatively affect your ability to control your food intake. Despite restricted food patterns, this form of disordered eating is highly
associated with the development of obesity.

Woman cutting cucumber/PEXELS

Cucumbers can be a good source of nutrition when combined with a
balance diet. However, they are naturally low in calories, as well as in
proteins and
fats, which are two essential macronutrients. A single cucumber only provides 2 grams of protein and 0.3 grams of fat.

The cucumber diet is not designed to be followed during
more than two weeks. It cannot be maintained in the long term, since it is very low in calories and
will not provide a complete source of nutrition. For example, a typical day on the cucumber diet would provide approximately 800 calories. This would include about 6 cucumbers, a serving of chicken or fish, 2 eggs, 1 cup of cottage cheese, and a few vegetables. Frankly difficult to assume.