The most beautiful, cheap IKEA dressers with great storage capacity that you can transform into a luxury piece of furniture with these easy decorating tricks


Ana Calvo

Our deco goal for the season is to get
your house is more beautiful every day and, at the same time, more versatile. In addition to reviewing the home trends that are making a name for themselves (such as the ‘coastal grandma’), we love to tell you tricks with which to build well-used spaces that combine beauty and functionality.

The (good) order is key when it comes to making our house look
prettier and also bigger. For this, it is essential to have
storage space sufficient and large-capacity furniture that, in addition to an ornamental function are practical, are great allies.

The best chests of drawers with storage from IKEA

We never tire of repeating it: buying cheap furniture does not mean that our furniture looks cheap. For this reason, we have chosen the chest of drawers as a key piece of the rooms in which we want to gain extra storage and, with a few ‘
IKEA hack‘, we will be able to personalize them until they look like unique pieces of luxury.

IKEA MALM chest of drawers (129 euros).

MALM chest of drawers, IKEA’s best seller

MALM chest of drawers it is the best seller of IKEA, and it is not strange. Its minimalist design, its large capacity and its price (from 79 euros) make it worthy of this honor. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, office or a spacious hall, it is available in four colors and different sizes and compositions.

The deco trick. Available in white, natural wood, black and grey, its simple lines allow you to customize it in a very simple way. Choose a nice vinyl wallpaper and put it on the front of the drawers: it will look like a completely different piece of furniture for very little money and in less than 10 minutes.

SONGESAND chest of drawers from IKEA (229 euros)

SONGESAND chest of drawers, a design that seems luxurious

If you’re not an IKEA catalog addict, you probably won’t recognize this piece of furniture as a low-cost piece from the Swedish giant. The robust appearance and classic design of the
chest of drawers SONGESAND (229 euros) give a very elegant air to any space in which it is placed. In addition, its six huge drawers will allow you to place everything from complete tableware to your table linens and your most delicate clothes.

deco trick. For an even more luxurious look and a retro feel to the design, try swapping out your top for a marble-effect laminate (or, if you want to invest a bit more, a marble countertop). It will look like something out of an antique.

HEMNES chest of drawers, the most elegant and functional

I admit that I have a special predilection for the IKEA HEMNES line. Its elegant, sophisticated designs, with a retro touch and an incredible storage capacity make it a sure hit when we have to choose the furniture for our home. The
eight drawer dresser (329 euros), specifically, it is perfect as a sideboard in the living room, but also to place it in the dressing room or give you extra space in the hall.

deco trick. A gesture as simple as changing the dresser handles will achieve a great effect in just five minutes and for less than 30 euros (there are options at IKEA for less than 2 euros). If you dare a little more, you can try changing the color to ‘imitate’ limited models of this piece (maroon, yellow, green…).

BJÖRKSNÄS chest of drawers from IKEA, the easiest to ‘hack’

The IKEA BJÖRKSNÄS collection has its origins in Scandinavian tradition and craftsmanship. And among its classic pieces made from natural and durable materials, with precious finishes and measurements that make them suitable for almost any space, we are left with this one.
five drawer dresser (229 euros) that will add a great minimal touch… and very easy to customize.

deco trick. Its natural wood finish is one of its hallmarks but, at the same time, a great asset for lovers of IKEA hacks and DIY. As simple as choosing your favorite color and completely transforming it. Of course, before painting, give a good layer of primer to better grip the tone, respect the drying times and apply a colorless varnish at the end to protect the enamel from scratches and bumps.