The training that Elsa Pataky recommends to get a flat stomach and heart attack abs


Sara Flamenco

You know what
Elsa Pataky commitment to lead a healthy life, taking great care of your
feeding and practicing
sport daily. We have spoken to you on other occasions about their way of eating, with
smoothies and
healthy desserts like sweet little treats and their favorite workouts, like
the HIIT or using materials like
the TRX.

So much so, that the actress created an app with her husband to help her subscribers carry the same
Healthy life that they. there they share
recipes and workouts to help us lead healthy and active lives and we love taking a look at your
recommendations to follow in his footsteps.

on the account of
instagram of this app, called
Centerwe have seen a
training to strengthen the
ABS that we have loved. especially for his
High intensity and for the little time you have to spend to complete it.

Be part of the challenge
#HardCOREchallenge and has been the trainer of Centr,
Alexz Parvi, who has created this routine. All these exercises are performed
lying face up on a mat and in a fluid way, linking one exercise to another quickly
without a rest among them.

Is about
six exercises of very easy execution but with a high intensity to maximize the
benefits of training. They do not tell us how many times you should repeat
the Seriebut with
four turns we suppose that it will be enough. Here we explain
how are they made and, if you have any questions, visit
Centro’s Instagram to take a look at the video:

The training recommended by Elsa Pataky to have abs of steel. . /

Photo by Jorge Acre on Pexels.

Jack knife (3 repetitions)

With your back fully supported on the
floorthrow your hands back to catch
impulse and simultaneously raises the arms and legs bringing them towards the
chest helping you from the abdomen.

Scissors (4 repetitions)

Finish the previous exercise in
V position with your legs extended and apart and bring both arms in front of your chest
intertwining hands. below contracting
pelvic floor and corecross the legs the indicated number of repetitions.

V-ups (4 reps)

keeping the
V-positionPlace your palms on the floor behind your back and slightly bend your elbows. Legs should be at
45 degrees off the ground and together and the movement consists of raising the trunk while flexing the knees and bringing them to the chest, returning to the
initial position to complete one repetition.

The bicycle crunch is part of the abdominal training recommended by Elsa Pataky. /

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Russian twists (4 repetitions)

Once again, this exercise begins with the
V-positionlegs bent and lower back straight, making the muscles work.
core muscles of the body. The torso is then turned to one side and to the other.

Pull the chain (1 repetition)

Place the soles of your feet on the floor with your knees bent and your back also supported until
the end of the clavicles. Next, simulating that you are going up helping yourself from
a chainraise the trunk with a straight back and lower it again.

Bicycle Crunch (6 reps)

From the
position in which you remain at the end of the previous exercise (lying down, with your back resting on the floor until
clavicles and the soles of the feet also supported), bring your hands behind your head. Next, she flexes her right knee and
turn the torso toward that direction, until your opposite elbow comes as close as possible to the knee you’re bending. go back to the
initial position and repeat the movement with the other extremities.