Things you did not know that you can deduct from the 2022/23 Income to achieve a favorable result

It is normal that now that the 2022/2023 Income Statement is approaching, you are looking for Anything that you can deduct in order to try to obtain a favorable result.

Nobody feels good having to pay, something that you can check with this Income simulator that can give you clues about the result of your statement, and to help you out, here you will find 9 things that you may not have known that you can include in your statement to try to get it to return.

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From classics such as the mortgage on your habitual residence or rent, to lesser-known elements such as investing in sustainability and energy efficiency or in vehicles that you have paid through the renting modality.

Whatever your case, surely here you will find a piece of information that you may have missed and it helps you scratch a few extra euros.

Mortgage of your habitual residence

If you bought your habitual residence before 2013, you can apply the deduction for habitual residence up to 15% of what you have paid during the year, with a limit of 9,040 euros. This means that you can deduct a total of 1,356 euros. It is also possible to deduct all the expenses associated with the loan.

To this is added this year the possibility of deducting up to 10% in Asturias, 15% in Galicia and 25% in Castilla-La Mancha for anyone who invests in a habitual residence in rural areas.

Rental housing

If you live for rent you can save some money in personal income tax, although you should keep in mind that since 2015 only some people can do it at the state level.

If you signed before January 1, 2015, you can deduct your rent in this category, a total of 10.05% on a maximum base of 9,040 euros per year, if your tax base is less than 17,707.20 euros. This total goes down until it disappears when you exceed 24,107.20 euros.

On the other hand, there are a series of regional deductions for rent that vary depending on where you live and that will allow you to deduct up to a maximum of 1,000 euros per year.

Contribution to pension plans

Another ideal savings option, but this year it has undergone a considerable change. It is possible to deduct the contributions made in 2022 to your pension plan up to 1,500 euros, as long as it does not exceed 30% of the total income. That is, it has fallen compared to 2,000 euros per year in 2021.

motherhood and family

Any working mother can benefit from a deduction of 1,200 euros for each child under 3 years of age. In addition, it is possible to deduct 1,000 euros per year in expenses of nurseries or child education centers.

If your children are over 3 years of age, but live in your home, do not have income greater than 8,000 euros and have not submitted a tax return, you will also be able to deduct this amount.

If you are a large family you can deduct another extra of 1,200 euros, 2,400 euros if you are a large family of special category, that is, 5 children or more. And if you buy a car, you can deduct up to 50% of the registration tax if the vehicle is in the name of the parents.

In the case of a single-parent family, you can deduct up to 1,200 euros per year if you have 2 or more children.

Dues from political parties, unions or schools

If you have paid dues to political parties, unions or professional associations, you can deduct 20% in your Income statement. In this sense, the maximum you can get is a total of 600 euros.

donations to NGOs

Solidarity has a prize. If you collaborate with an association, entity or foundation through a monthly, quarterly or annual fee, you can deduct up to 80% of the first 150 euros and 35% of what exceeds that amount.

This goes up to 40% if you have been donating to the same NGO for 3 years and your contribution continues to be the same or higher.

regional deductions

There are a lot of tax benefits depending on the city or autonomous community in which you live.

There are some dedicated to maternity, for children, care for dependent people or investments made in the home. Each one has a specific percentage that will help you save some money and you just have to be aware and do some research.

Vehicles that have been paid through the renting modality

If you have not bought a car and you use methods such as renting or similar, you can deduct an amount in the Income statement.

And in the case of electric vehicles, this time in a purchase format, it is possible to benefit from a deduction of up to 15% in cars of up to 50,000 euros.

Investment in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Throughout the Spanish territory, the installation of solar panels and storage battery can be achieved with around a 40% deduction in labor.

It must be taken into account that it is intended for energy efficiency and is only applicable to the main home.