Things you did not know that you must declare in the 2022/23 Income if you do not want to have problems with the Treasury


The 2022/2023 Income campaign has just kicked off, specifically since April 11, and many taxpayers are already wondering if they will have to pay or will be lucky enough to get a refund.

In the last few, the Treasury has updated many elements and added new boxes to adapt to the latest developments and methods of generating income, so it is possible that you miss things that you must declare in the Income and have a future problem with the Tax Agency.

It is something that nobody wants, logically, and to help you here you will meet 10 things that you did not know that you have to declare in the Income 2022/2023 so that you avoid any problem with the Treasury.

From certain public aid to cryptocurrencies, to sales that you make through Wallapop or eBay or the monetization of your YouTube or Twitch videos.

public aid

Public aid must be included in the Income statement, except for those that are exempt in the regulations, such as severance pay for dismissal, unemployment or maternity or paternity benefits, public scholarships…

You should also keep in mind that If you receive public aid of more than 1,000 euros, you will have to present the declaration in a mandatory mannereven if your income is below the minimum required by the Treasury.


One of the newest elements is the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the Income statement.

Whether it is a capital gain or loss, it is necessary to integrate it into the tax base of savings. It is an economic activity, even if it is virtual, so it must be present in your annual statement.

Insurance claims

If during the year you have received any compensation, you must declare the amount paid in personal income tax as a capital gain or as income from movable capitalDepending on the circumstances, of course.

There are some elements that are exempt from entering the declaration, such as those that take place due to a traffic accident, for example.


If you have made a donation, it must also be reflected in the Income statement. What you must do is declare the capital gain generated, that is, the difference between the acquisition value and the delivery value of the good that is being donated.

Income from rental of homes for tourist use

If you have rented your vacation home to a person for a certain time, you will have to declare that period and the corresponding amount.

Here you will have to subtract expenses in advertising, repairs, IBI, community and garbage rate in order to have the net return of the propertywhich must be reflected in the 2022/2023 Income.

Lottery or other prizes

Whether it is an income obtained from a contest, bet, bingo, casino or you have won the Lottery prize, you must declare the income obtained.

In the case of the Lottery you must take into account that If the prize is equal to or less than 40,000 euros, you will not have to enter it, but if it exceeds the figure, it will be taxed at 20% for the part that exceeds the figure.

Income from the sale of a property

This is a classic, but you may also forget it. Whether it is capital gain or loss, you must include it in your Income statement. To find out the data, you have to subtract the acquisition value from the transmission value. Depending on the value, tax is 19% or 26%. To this you have to add the IBI and the municipal capital gains.

There is an exception to this rule and that is that if the sale is made by a person over 65 years of age and it is the habitual residence, they will not have to enter the declaration.

Internet business

It is increasingly common to find people who set up their coaching company, have their online store or sell any product over the internet.

If it is your case and even if it is an extra to get to the end of the month, you will not be exempt from declaring any activity of this type and you will have to include it in the Rent.

Internet sales

Again, an element that has appeared in recent years and that may pass you by and cause you some future problem.

Any sale made by Wallapop, eBay, Milanuncios or similar pages that represents a profit must be included in the Rent. It must be made clear that a profit is understood when a product is sold at a higher price than the original one.

Video monetization

And finally, another one that has appeared with the new times. If you are a content creator and you generate money and income by uploading videos or promoting content on YouTube, Twitch or similar platforms.

HE must be taxed to the Treasury as income from economic activity and must comply with personal income tax obligationsmodel 100, and VAT, model 130 or 303.