This TikTok trick to avoid paying for hand luggage at the airport has almost 3 million views


TikTok is one of the great current social networks in which all kinds of tips and tricks abound for day to day and that is precisely what we are here to show you today.

And it is that, it has caught the attention of many media, including ours, the curious trick of a famous tiktoker to save a few euros when having to check in your hand luggage at the airport. The basis of this trick being done viral are the exaggerated prices that companies like Ryanair establish for the billing of luggage.

As they explain, you can pay around 30 euros and, according to what the regulations of this particular company dictate, you can only take a handbag with you on the plane that you must place under the seat while the suitcase by hand you have to pay for it separately and it ranges from 6 to 10 euros and if you don’t book before, that’s when the price reaches 30 euros mentioned above.

Currently the video has already reached 2.7 million views and more than 130,000 “likes” with only 14 seconds of video, so it seems that Looking ahead to the next trips we will see a wave of people using this trick.

Avoid going through the check-in of your hand luggage with this TikTok trick

Paula Brux (@bruxpaula on TikTok) is the one who gives us this great advice and has managed to go viral on TikTok thanks to revealing her secret to not paying for luggage when traveling by car plane. Well, as he explains, the trick is in hiding what no longer fits in our suitcases and Duty Free is going to be our great ally.

According to his account, we will go to this shopping section at the airport and we will get several bags that, in this case, cost only 20 cents, and in them we will put everything that is left over and we cannot put in the suitcases.

“You pay 0.20 euros for two Duty Free bags at the airport and you save 30 euros on Ryanair. We were nervous, but it worked 10/10. Nobody wins against rats”says Paula.


In fairness, yes, it’s a really neat trick, but perhaps we are already looping the loop of savings. The airlines sometimes take advantage, it’s true, but we don’t know to what extent this is really an ethical savings trick.

“I went up with three coats, one on, another tied and another in hand and they all had shoes in their pockets. I disembarked in Murcia at 39 degrees, but it worked”reveals another user on TikTok.

However, be careful because you already know this TikTok trick but that does not mean that companies live in a cave and are not aware of reality. “3 weeks ago with Vueling they asked me for the purchase ticket and they looked at my bag, I had to pay for billing. Just notice”alerts a user who comments on the video.