Upright rowing, Queen Letizia’s favorite exercise to define the shoulders, improve strength and eliminate bat wings


Tamara Villa

upright rowing It is considered one of the best muscle builders for the back and shoulders. But be careful, because it can be potentially dangerous if you don’t do it with the right technique. The objectives: with the help of a bar or dumbbells, you will
work shoulders and upper backmainly the lateral deltoids and trapezius.

The vertical oar affects the
front and middle heads of deltoids (shoulder muscles). This exercise also helps develop the trapezius and rhomboids (muscles in the middle and upper back) and even the biceps (front of the upper arm).

All of these muscles help
pick up and grab activities easier. This includes picking up grocery bags off the floor to place on the counter, putting on pants while getting dressed, and other similar movements. That is, they are of great help for daily functional tasks.

How to Do Upright Row

The first thing you should do is
stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the bar and let it hang in front of you at arms length. The palms of your hands should face your body and your hands should be in line with your thighs. Inhale and tense your abs.

Woman with toned back/PEXELS

Keep your back straight, chest up, and eyes forward.
Raise the bar up (to the chin) as you exhale and keep it close to the body. Pause at the top of the ascent. Lower the bar as you inhale, returning it to the starting position, and begin a new set.

Other Variations of an Upright Row

This exercise can be adjusted to be
more accessible for beginners and also increase the effort required as you increase your strength. If you don’t have a bar, you can do the upright row with a pair of dumbbells. When doing this variation, keep your hands in the same general position as during a barbell upright row. The palms should face inward and the hands should remain in line with the thighs.

You can also use a
kettlebell when doing upright rows. The benefit of using this type of weight is that you can
control it with both hands (like with the barbell) instead of having to control each weight individually (like you do with dumbbells). An option to consider.

Another variation of the upright row is to use a
wire machine. The cable system allows for smooth movement and you can easily adjust the weight to match your strength level. This exercise begins by holding the
thigh high bar and pulling her to the chest.

The perfect arms of Queen Letizia. Photos: GTRES

You can make the upright row even more challenging by adding a
plank at the end of the movement. After doing the upright row and returning the weight to the starting position, lower your body onto a plank, hold for a few seconds, then return to standing position.

Common mistakes

lack of full range of motion when performing the upright row will prevent good results. To ensure a full range of motion, it’s vital that you know your individual abilities. Never use a range of motion that causes you
pain or discomfort. Reduce the range if you feel pain or if you see that you are not doing the exercise well.

Do not lift heavy objects with this exercise unless you are experienced and rely on your shoulder joints, a very complex mechanism and injuries to which can greatly affect your exercise goals and, at the same time, take time to heal. Shoulder impingement can occur with excessive weight. If you’re new to the upright row, start with a barbell without weights.