We know which models are the most sold out of your favorite stores


Lauren Left

Much is said about the shoes that during this
spring-summer season 2023 they have become the best ally of all-terrain occasions, regardless of the style or age of the person who wears them.

In one corner, and heading the podium, we have the eternal
loafers that the Danes wear with white socks and pleated miniskirts. On the other hand, the
high leather boots or over the knee boots represent the most glamorous and feminine alternative with which you will not go unnoticed.

For the classics, there is nothing like ballerinas or Mary Jane-type Mary Janes, which have become the ace up their sleeves for those who seek comfort above all else. They wear them with dresses, suit pants, or pleated skirts. The best? In all scenarios they look great.

However, there is another type of personality that continues to opt for the most comfortable and timeless shoes. We talk about those who pursue a
youthful and fashionable result What removes years from above and that they continue to choose
the most beautiful sneakers it’s from the season.

Diadora high-top sneakers, €79.95.

Diadora high-top sneakers, €79.95. They are one of the most timeless, versatile and wearable that you will find during this season. In addition, they are very comfortable, so you can kick the whole city with them on.

Hoff tiger sneakers, €115.

Hoff tiger sneakers, €115. If what you are looking for is a rejuvenating model that is a statement of intent, you need shoes like these from Hoff that have vibrant and very striking colors.

New Balance 452 trainers, €90.

New Balance 452 trainers, €90. They are one of the favorites of thousands of women in the world. The bad news is that they’re also one of the most sold out, so you’ll need patience (and maybe a little luck) to get your hands on them. Although it will be worth it. You can wear them with everything.

NA-KD thick-soled sneakers, €39.95.

NA-KD chunky sole sneakers, €39.95. They are one of the best in terms of value for money. Also, being white, they combine with everything you can imagine and much more. The use is guaranteed.

Mustang black shoe, €41.95.

Mustang black shoe, €41.95. The best option when it comes to wearing sneakers for the most elegant ones is to choose black ones. They are wearable, versatile and a safe bet that you can wear whenever you want.