Seven discounted Massimo Dutti jumpers that are good, cheap and very wearable


Lauren Left

If what you notice is missing from your wardrobe are basics that you can use interchangeably, depending on the occasion or the moment, bet on some of those that are still on sale. That is, in sales, some brands have decided to leave their stock with
very cheap prices and jewels in a stylistic key that you should keep in mind.

One of the best examples are these
seven jumpers that we have found in Massimo Dutti and that stand out for their incredible quality and for following some of the current trends in terms of
colors, textures and structures. As soon as you see them, you can only think how much you want to have them all.

Striped sweater, €49.95 (before €69.95).

Striped sweater, €49.95 (before €69.95). It is one of the most timeless designs that you should always keep in mind. In addition, we love its flared sleeves that add a trendy touch and the detail of the neckline with laces that detracts from formality.

Strass cropped jumper, €69.95 (before €99.95).

Strass cropped jumper, €69.95 (before €99.95). It is the favorite of short girls. Its short design will make you look much taller, since it optically lengthens the torso and legs. In addition, it is one of the colors that will cause the most talk in the coming months.

Jumper with openings, €69.95 (before €89.95).

Jumper with openings, €69.95 (before €89.95). The crush is immediate when you see it, because despite the fact that at first glance it looks like a simple sweater without anything special, its cut-out openings make it youthful and a statement of intent that is current and fashionable.

Sailor sweater, €39.95 (before €89.95).

Sailor sweater, €39.95 (before €89.95). It seems to us one of the most beautiful and different models of the sales that you can wear with absolutely everything you have in your closet. From jeans to suit pants or pleated skirts.

Furry sweater, €59.95 (before €129).

Furry sweater, €59.95 (before €129). It brings youth, trend and a different touch with which you will complete any look that comes your way. In addition, it is warm, so it is perfect for the cold waves that are coming.

Braided red sweater, €49.95 (before €79.95).

Braided red sweater, €49.95 (before €79.95). Enough neutral colors. If this year you feel like innovating, one of the best options (which never fails) is always to bet on a red garment.

Cashmere turtleneck sweater, €79.95 (before €149).

Cashmere turtleneck, €79.95 (before €149). Although you can also take advantage of these sales to get a quality model that will last you for years and years like this one that we present below. The best thing is that it will never, ever go out of style.